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Degree Program Introduction


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College of Maritime Science and Management 
Department of Merchant Marine
Department of Shipping and Transportation Management
Department of Transportation Science
Department of Marine Engineering

College of Life Sciences 
Department of Food Science
Department of Aquaculture
Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology
Institute of Marine Biology
Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology

College of Ocean Science and Resource 
Department of Environmental Biology and Fisheries Science
Department of Marine Environmental Informatics
Institute of Applied Geosciences
Institute of Marine Affairs and Resource Management
Institute of Marine Environment and Ecology

College of Engineering 
Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Department of Systems Engineering and Naval Architecture
Department of Harbor and River Engineering
Institute of Materials Engineering

College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 
Department of Electrical Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Department of Communications Navigation and Control Engineering
Institute of Optoelectronic Sciences
Undergraduate Program of Optoelectronics and Materials Technology

College of Humanities and Social Sciences 
Institute of Applied Economics
Institute of Education
Institute of Oceanic Culture
Institute of Applied English
Center of Teacher Education
Teaching and Research Center of Humanities and Social Sciences
Bachelor Program in Oceanic Cultural Creative Design Industries

College of Ocean Law and Policy
Institute of the Law of the Sea
Undergarduate Program in Ocean Tourism Management
Undergarduate Program in Ocean Law and Policy
Graduate Program in Ocean Policy