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FAQs 常見問題與回答

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Q1. How much cost of the expenses for each semester?




1. Fare of dormitory

NT$16,000 (Two share a room)


(Four share a room)

2. Tuition

NT$13,560 (for the term)


3. Health


NT$ 850


4. Insurance 6 months


(for all new international students)

5. Students’ Safety Insurance

NT$200 (per semester)


Total Costs


It depends on the list you might have


(Please note: The fees will be mainly based on the authorized regulation in Chinese version)


Q2. I am a new student, I would like to know the registration procedure, and what documents do I need to prepare before session start?



Four steps to finish registration procedure before session start, all the international students must to have already paid tuition. Without records of tuition paid in full, students may not register. Registration generally may take place during the first week of classes.


The four steps of registration shows below and we suggest international students to fill the five forms (compulsory):


Please fill out them before registration and it can help you to go through the process faster and save your time.

1.      Application of Student Dormitory Reservation

2.      International Student Information Form

3.      Multiple-Purpose Application Form for Foreigners

4.      National Taiwan Ocean University – Student General Medical Record

5.      NTOU Student Record


Four steps of registration process, to see the details:


(1)   Health Examination (Health Services)

(2)   Check in at Military Training Office

(3)   Pay Tuition/Dorm/Insurance at Division of Cashier

(4)   Registration at Division of Registration


Q3. What time is the dormitory gate will be closed, why I cannot access the dorm after 12 o'clock?



All dormitories have a gate control system. Access Control System /Entrance guard system  is allowed only with one’s fingerprint, so that safety of dormitories is well protected.

Students must cooperate with the time control; the gate of female dormitory closes at 24:00 (12:00 a.m.).


Q4. I would like to download the pictures from students’ activities, where can I get the pictures?



All the pictures and activity reports will be periodically upload on the website of Division of International Affairs in the section of

Student Life Snapshot”, and the photos are downloadable in JPG files.


Q5. What documents do I need to open a bank/post office account in Taiwan?



The required documents for opening a bank account in Taiwan 
護照 Passport
居留證 ARC (Alien Residential Certificate)
印章 Personal Stamp


Q6. Where can I exchange my money?



Money Exchange:

(Available at the Taiwan Bank; 15-20 minutes by public bus from NTOU)

      Working hours: 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

      Address: No.9 Ai 3rd Rd, Ren-Ai District Keelung City


      Web Site:

      Please take your ARC or passport to exchange money.


Q7. How does a foreigner renew or apply for an ARC?



Foreign nationals are required to apply for Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) within fifteen days after entry in Taiwan. Failure to comply will result in fine payment if they violate the regulation set by the Immigration Department in Taiwan.

Required doc uments (verify the original and take its copy).

(1)      Fill out a copy of multiple-purpose application form for foreign Residents and attach two photos (2x2 inch) (only for the new ARC applicant)

(2)      Submit the original and a copy of passport, including the resident visa.

(3)      Submit the original and a copy of student ID or original receipt of tuition and dormitory payment.

(4)      Application fee: NT$1,000.

            Processing time: 10 workdays.

            Address: National Immigration Agency, Keelung City Service Center, 11FL., No.18, Yiyi Rd., Keelung City (基隆市義一路1811)

            TEL : 02-24281775  FAX : 02-24285251

            Application form: Download the application form for foreigners here.


Q8. What about scholarships, can I apply scholarship from NTOU?


Please refer to the website to check out more information.

Q9. How can I check the status of my parcel or letter send from overseas?


1. Check the links to Chunghwa Post Service Website:

International Letters Tracking Service

International Parcels Tracking Service


2. Check the NTOU Post Service System

    NTOU post service system