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Q&A 常見問答集

Contact Information

Division of international Cooperation
Mr. Keng-Fu Lee
Tel:+886-2-24622192 # 1221


-- About admission application(documents)
1.Do applicants need to pay for admission application?
No, it is totally free for applicants to apply for admission.
No fees are required.

2.When is the admission application deadline?
It is April 30th each year.
However, the application deadline of the following programs is not subject to the above restriction:
1. International Master's Program in Marine Sciences and Resource Management (ICDF Scholarship)
2. International Ph.D. Program in Marine Sciences and Resource Management (ICDF Scholarship)
3. International Master Programme in Aquaculture Science and Technology (IMPA Scholarship) 

3.Is it necessary to have my degree diploma and official transcript authenticated?
Yes, it is necessary to have the degree diploma and official transcript authenticated by a Taiwan's overseas representative office when applying for admission.

4.I will be officially graduated and obtaining my transcript for all semesters after application deadline. May I still apply for admission?
Yes, welcome to apply for admission and please refer to the following notes.
- Please submit a certificate of impending graduation which is authenticated as a substitute for degree diploma.
- Please authenticate the degree diploma after obtaining it and submit the original one when registering if the admission application is approved.
- Basically, applicants need to acquire the degree diploma and complete registration procedure before registration deadline.
- For other special cases, please contact Division of International Student Affaris via email.(

5.Can I submit a photocopy of the original transcript?
Please submit the transcript issued by your university. Generally, students can apply for more transcripts or have the photocopies stamped by such office as the registration office of the university.

6.How to prepare a financial statement?
Applicants can apply for a bank deposit statement of his / her own account as the financial statement.
However, if it is a bank deposit statement of your parents'(other relatives')account, please submit a deposition letter from your parents(other relatives)declaring that they agree to give you the financial support for staying in Taiwan.

7.Do I need to prepare the financial statement if my major financial support will actually be the scholarship I am applying for at the same time?
You can submit the scholarship awarded certificate as the financial statement. However, you have to submit a financial statement validated by overseas diplomatic offices indicating sufficient funds for staying in Taiwan if you don't obtain the scholarship.

8.Do applicants need to take an admission exam?
It depends on each Department / Institute.Please refer to "Admission Criteria" in NTOU Admission Brochure.


--About Scholarships

1.What kinds of scholarships can I apply?

You can apply for the 3 scholarships below

a.Governmental Scholarships:

b.NTOU Scholarships:

c.Sounthern Sunshine Scholarships:


2.How can I apply for the scholarships?

a.For Governmental Scholarships please refer to the linkage

b.For NTOU and Sounthern Sunshine Scholarships please prepare the following documents

    (a) One copy of official transcript

    (b)Certificates of extra-curricular activities

    (c)2 recommendation letters from Professors


-- About Course information
1.Is there a Chinese Language Center in NTOU?

2.Is there any English program in NTOU?
- Yes, Please visit f for more .

- the English Courses are offered in Master and Ph.D. program  

3.Where can I find the information about Departments / Institutes?
Please visit for information.

-- About Fees
1.How much does it cost to study in NTOU?
Please refer to "Fees".

2.Are the tuition and credit fees charged to international students the same to local students?