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Scholarships Q&A(常見問答集)

1. what kind of Scholarship i can apply?

if possible we would like to recommend you apply by the order of the following scholarships

a.Taiwan Governmental Scholarship

b.NTOU scholarship

c. Southern Sunshine Scholarship


2.When to Apply?

a. For Taiwan Fovernment Scholarship , please visit the website for the introduction of Taiwan Scholarship

b.For NTOU scholarship and southern sunshine scholarship

 (1) Prospective students must submit the International Student Scholarship   Application Form” with the academic admission application.

 (2) Current students must apply before April 30.


3.Criteria of eligibility

 a.Not receiving any other scholarships

 b.Current students( Full-time international students pursuing degrees )must have average grades over 70 (for undergraduate students) and 80 (for graduate students) in each semester.


4. Subsidy items of the scholarship

 a.The items of NTOU scholarship include tuition and credit payment waiver and monthly allowance (Maximum NTD10,000).

 b.Southern Sunshine Scholarship; include tuition fee.


5. Duration of the scholarship

Students will receive the scholarship for 1 academic year. Every year students have to re-apply for the scholarship.


6.what documents should i prepare?

 a. Application Form.

 b. Formal copy of the previous year’s transcript.

 c. Two recommendation letters from course instructors.

 d. Other supportive documents, such as receiving awards or publications