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Residence and Housing
6.1 On-campus Dormitory
There are presently four student dormitory buildings, supplying 2,747 people’s stay, 831 beds for female students and 1,916 beds for male students.
Bed Width (cm)
Bed Length (cm)
Male 1st Dorm
Male 2nd Dorm
Male 3rd Dorm
Female 1st Dorm
Female 2nd Dorm
Bedrooms are designed for four students each and the lodging qualification is decided by lot. However, in order to help international students adapt to this new environment and to avoid inconvenience in renting house, beds are reserved for all international students (it is necessary to apply for it on the Internet; if demand is excessive, qualification is decided by lot according to one’s household register place).
All the female international students will be arranged in Female 2nd dormitory, and the male students in the male international students dormitory. (listed in P.25 and P.26)
 The dormitory fee for female international student is NT$15900 in twin share room or NT$7950 in quadruple share room (four beds) per semester.
Period of living in dormitory: Generally for one year,  winter/summer vacation included. (From Feb 1st to July 31st and Aug 1st to Jan 1st every year).                                 
Note: 2-bed rooms only reserved for ICDF students. Ph.D. students can draw when there has room (bed) left, and need to reapply (draw) every year after ICDF students arranged.
Attention: According to Student Dormitory Regulations
·         Application: The application is not permitted for those with legal infectious disease (requiring treatment in isolation), or severe mental illness before completing treatment.
·         Refund: When freshman (only first semester), drop-out, expelled, or graduate, dormitory fee can be returned according to the following condition:
a. Within 10 days of register, dormitory fee will be fully returned.
b. More than 10 days of register, but not 1/3 of the semester, 1/2 of the dormitory fee will be returned.
c. Freshman (second semester), voluntary move out, or disobeyed Student Dormitory Regulations Rule 14 and suspended for lodging qualification, no refund will be given.
Notice: Each period isone academic year (including winter vacation, but not summer vacation), and  please cooperate moving for concentration in winter vacation.
6.1-1 Rules at the Dormitory
Gate Control
All dormitories have a gate control system. (Access Control System. Entrance guard system) Access is allowed only with one’s fingerprint, so that safety of dormitories is well protected.
Students must cooperate with the time control; the gate of female dormitory closes at 24:00 (12:00 a.m.).
Light Control
In order to achieve a good healthy habit, our school practices light control, i.e. the main light of each bedroom is switched off automatically from 12:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.
Do not throw garbage in the corridors nor the living-room. Students must classify the garbage and dispose them during the garbage collect time.And the recyclables will be collected every Mon., Wed., and Fri. in the afternoon along with the ordinary garbage.
Morning Garbage collection
Mon. to Fri.
09:40 - 09:54
Evening Garbage Collection
Mon. to Sat.
 17:48 -18:02
Living Room
Each floor provides a living-room for students to meet and chat or watch television. Pay attention to the volume after 10:00 p.m. otherwise it may disturb others’ rest.
 Cooking facilities
Each dormitory has its own cooking facilities, including a Microwave, an Induction Cooker/heater,  a rice cooker, and refrigerator.
The cooking facilities are all free to use from 09:00 till 22:00, but to be aware that the space are limited.
To receive International calls to your room in the dorms:
00886 + 224622192 + 83 + room number
To make calls from any interconnected phone in NTOU to your room: 83 + room number
2, Pei-ning Rd. , Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City 202, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
6.1-2 Student Dormitory Regulations (Appendices)
6.2 Off-Campus Accommodation
For those unqualified or whom don’t want to stay in the dorm, we provide useful information on house renting, and symposiums to inform students of special notes about leasing, rental contract book and so on. Please check with the Division of Dormitory Guidance (no.41 on the map, 3F) for further help visit the website.
6.3  Male Dormitory for International Students (off-campus)
A)   About the dormitory
Currently, the international students are arranged in two different dormitories. We are having one off campus male dormitory for the international students, located at Xiangfeng Street. Presently there are 63 beds.
No.277, No.279, Xiangfeng St., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City 202, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Downtown to dorm
·         City Bus:            No.103 or 104.
·         Taxi
Dorm to school
·         On foot:       Approximately 1.1 km         (about 20 –30 mins)
·         By city bus:        No.101,103 or 104        (5 stops away)
Note: City bus 103 and 104 have two different routes. You have to take the bus which passes the Xiangfeng Jie Street (祥豐街).
·         Public Area
    Kitchen:            Refrigerator, Microwave , Electromagnetic oven,   Oven, Rice Cooker
    Lounge:            TV, sofa, meeting and dinning space.
    Prayer Room
·         Bed room
     -Desk, Desk lamp,  Closet, Air-conditioner, Chair,
      Bed (100*210cm)
·           shared bathroom (each floor )
·          Internet  output
·         Laundry
      -washing machines and tumble dryers
·         Telephone service
      -A three-room apartment share one common
       telephone extension.(e.g. if you want to reach
       room number 101-103, you should dial ext. 101).
      -Reception desk (Everyday 18:00-21:00)
      -Tel: +886-2-24621160 
         For Reception desk     — EXT. 1159, 1160, 1165
         For each Apartment — EXT.
·          Electricity  card
Used for electric water heater and air-conditioning.
A new card having value of 500NTD will be issued every semester for each person. Once it is used out, you  can recharge at school’s cashier division.
·         Garbage collection  time: 20:30  (every night) 
B) Need to know about the dormitory
Basically, NTOU International Student Dormitory is open for non-domestic student (Foreign, overseas Chinese, and Chinese students) who enrolled to NTOU for undergraduate, master, or Ph. D program.
2. Application Procedure:
When you apply for the school for any degree program, you should also apply for the dormitory on Internet in advance.
Notice of applying International Student Dormitory:
If the student want to continue for the next year residency, he needs to apply every year in May. If he moves out of the dorm, he need to finish the procedure of moving out before July 31st. The fee of resident will be according to NTOU International Student Dormitory Management Policies.
3. Fee:
Types  of accommodation
      a. Twin Beds Room (room shared between two students)           NTD.  9000
      b. Triple Beds Room (room shared among three students)           NTD.  9000   
·         Fees will be according to NTOUInternational Student Dormitory Management Policies.
·         Normally, dormitory fee will be paid  in each semester in advance.  Other cases should be followed the dormitory regulations (you  can find in the appendices), and for further assistance you can consult to the Division of Dormitory Guidance.
·         Period of living in dormitory: Generally for one year,  winter/summer vacation included. (From Feb 1st to July 31st and Aug 1st to Jan 1st every year).
·         Remember to keep all the receipts of  your deposits for refund.
·         And there will be no refund for the money remaining in the electricity card.
 4.During check-in
Once you arrived at school, you must go to the office of international affairs to complete the check–in procedure. Log in the online Academic systems ( to finish the application for the dormitory, and pay the dorm fees. After you finish all the necessary procedure, you’re ready to move in.
(For further instructions about How to log in the Online Academic Systems go to page 45)
5.  During check-out
  Call the director of the male dormitory. Fill in the form, and  the director will inspects your room to check the damage of any article and cleanliness in side the room. Once the procedure is done, and everything seems fine, the director will return your deposit money.
6. Package delivering :
  Currently there are no mail package delivery services outside the campus.  You are suggested to request your mail package to school.
D) Need for help, contact  information
Office of International Affairs
Tel:+886-2-2462-2192 ext. 1067-1069
Location:  Gymnasium 1st floor
Division of Dormitory Guidance 
Tel:+886-2-2462-2192 ext. 1060
Location: Student Activity Centre 3rd floor
Voice Play