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Academic life
1. Application
Exchange Student application’s material must be submitted prior to June for Fall Admission or November  for Spring admission.
International students wishing to apply for short term studies must comply with and follow the procedures listed below:
A. In addition to submitting the Application Form for Admission, applicants must also include the following application materials:
1.       Two letters of recommendation
2.       Plan of Study/Letter of Intent (in Chinese or English)
3.       Proof of attendance and official transcript (in English)
4.       Health Certificate (must include results of chest x-ray and HIV test taken within the past six months)
5.       Dormitory Application
6.       Scholarship Application
B. Verification of area of expertise and academic qualifications for admission: Applications are reviewed and qualified applicants are selected at departmental faculty meetings.
C. Administrative screening: Application materials of qualified applicants are submitted to the college dean for approval and processed by the Division of Academic Exchange and Cooperation (here-in-after called ‘DAEC’) of Research and Development Affairs.
1.       The Health Certificateis verified by the Student Health Services; a copy is sent to the Physical Education Office for reference.
2.       The Dormitory Application is sent to the Division of Dormitory Guidance Office for housing arrangements.
D. When applicants have successfully passed academic qualifications and administrative screenings, the application is then sent to the university President for final approval.  Once approved, the applicants will be issued a letter of admission from the university.
If and when an applicant does not meet academic qualifications or does not meet health requirements, application material/Health Certificate will be returned to the applicant.
Scholarship Application: Scholarship applications should be submitted by the academic department to the NTOU scholarship committee or NTOU administration for approval, countersigned by the DAEC, the Accounting Office, and the Research and Development Affairs.  Completed applications are presented to the university President for final approval.  Qualified students will be granted a monthly stipend of up to NT$8,000.
The amount of scholarship for applicants from sister universities may vary based on the reciprocal benefits established by both universities.
2. Tuition fees
 The tuition covers the basic costs for the new semester.
 Normally, the health examination will cost NT$550 for everyone. If your country is on a list of malaria area, and you will stay over 3 months in Taiwan, the doctor will have an extra examination that will cost you NT$300 additionally total is NT$850.
 Any resident for staying in Taiwan longer than 6 months is required by law to enroll in National Health Insurance (NHI). Since the new international students cannot apply for National Health Insurance within the first 6 months, we will assist you to apply for insurances about critical illness and injury in casualties. The fare of the illness and injury insurance is about NT$3,000 for 6 months, and other insurances may cost you a lot more money. Six months later, you can apply for the NHI. The fare isNT$749 per month. There are 6 months in each semester. Thus, the school is kindly to open up a specific account to keep the total fare for 6 months. And we will take out the fare from the account per month.
Students’ Safety Insurance (SSI) is the basic insurance plan required as a condition of registering as a NTOU student. NTOU students required SSI for every semester. Medical benefit covers the medical service for unexpected injury such as car accident, experimenting or exercising when students are in the school and so on. You are billed NT$200 when you register every semester.
3. Registration
According to university procedures, students on campus should register before session start. Students must register in person and show student I.D. No one can register in your place. Before registering, students must have already paid tuition. Without records of tuition paid in full, students may not register. Registration generally may take place during the first week of classes. (The enrollment is on 3rd  September, 2019 )
Physical examination: The Physical examination  is on 2nd  September, 2019.
Registration Procedures