【Announcement】International Culture Show 2021

     The Office of International Affairs (OIA) invites all international students from NTOU to participate in the upcoming International Culture Show 2021. Since it might be impossible to hold the regular cultural show due to the government restrictions and risks of COVID-19, the OIA provides an alternative way to showcase the cultures and traditions of international students from different countries. This activity will help provide awareness and information to the local students and communities about cultural diversity and appreciating its uniqueness and worth. 

     Country representatives will be called for a virtual meeting to discuss the details, preparation, and budget requirements needed to conduct the activity. 

     Each country will produce a video to showcase its cultural heritage, traditions, and food preparation. The OIA will assist in video recording and editing. 

     The OIA will post all submitted videos to the website. In case restrictions and threats for COVID-19 will be low, the OIA might consider conducting the regular activity before the year ends.