【NEWS】NTOU Office of the international affairs participating in 2021 Joint Symposium

2021 Joint Symposium SixERS & UST was held in National Taipei University of Technology Innovation and Incubation Center on December 16, 2021. The Joint Symposium was hosted by National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and co-organized by National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU), Taipei Medical University and National Taipei University. The Symposium was divided into four areas with the theme of aging population, including life science, engineering and technology, social science and interdisciplinary. Online discussions were also held in four conference rooms.

As a part member of University System of Taipei, the Dean of Office of the international affairs from NTOU, Dr. I-Shiung Chen, and Director of Internationalization Information and Planning Division, Dr. Feng-Ming Tsai invited Bachelor Degree Program in Ocean Tourism Management, Associate Professor, Yu-Kai Huang and Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, Assistant Professor, Cheng-Hsi Chuang to join the symposium. Dr. Feng-Ming Tsai was a session chair in interdisciplinary and others. Dr. Haung and Dr. Chuang presented “Senior life under artificial intelligence technology: opportunities and challenges in 2045” and “Aging and erythrocyte rheology” and discuss with Japanese scholars respectively. Hopefully the symposium will expand international academic exchanges and have more cooperation opportunities with Japan.

The Consortium of Six National Universities in Japan (The SixERS) was formed in 2013 by Chiba University, Nagasaki University, Niigata University, Kanazawa University, Okayama University and Kumamoto University in Japan. University System of Taipei will continue to develop international cooperation and academic exchange with The SixERS in the future.