【URGENT】NTOU COVID-19 Preventive Measures until April 10, 2022

     The Central Epidemic Command Center announced moderately relaxing the epidemic prevention measures maintained with adjustments of its relevant regulations from March 1 to 31,  2022. There are confirmed cases now in NTOU. With the 45th  epidemic prevention emergency meeting held today, March 28, 2022,  headed by President Tai-Wen Hsu, they formulated the University's response and adjustments based on government requirements and policies. The University provides the latest information and publishes its epidemic prevention measures and alerts on the website for updates with its continuous effort. All faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to cooperate, follow and participate in these relevant measures to ensure everyone and the campus's safety. The following are the updated guidelines to follow while in the campus vicinity strictly.


  1. The whole campus, including Matsu Campus, will be suspended today, March 28, and all academic courses (including physical education) will be shifted to online classes from March 29 to April 10, 2022. Teachers are required to use the TronClass to facilitate the online courses. All relevant class information will be announced in the TronClass system.
  2. Each teaching unit should provide online teaching for students who have not yet entered Taiwan or those under epidemic prevention management (quarantine or self-health management) and record students' attendance (e.g., video files or other evidence for attendance).

Conferences and Events

  1. From March 28 to April 10, all students' activities will be canceled, both on and off-campus.
  2. From March 28 to April 10, all meetings will be postponed or shifted to online discussions.
  3. The relevant training held by the Maritime Development Training Center from March 28 to April 10 will also be postponed.
  4. Procurement cases related to the General Affairs Office may be extended when necessary and should be following a letter from the Engineering Council.

Mask Wearing

  1. Everyone should wear a mask while inside the vicinity of the campus.

Enrollment Examination

  1. Admission tests will be conducted by interview or written review. Those taking the physical interview will be under the 2022  academic year of the Ministry of Education, colleges, and universities. Severe special infectious pneumonia prevention and management guidelines are carried out; wearing masks should be part of the teacher's regulations. The department's interview outside the test site as an additional test site, epidemic prevention should be prepared.
  2.  The method of admission exam will be adjusted anytime following the announcements released by the Central Epidemic Command Center and the guidelines of the Ministry of Education.
  3. For the flexible contingency plan for the entrance examination of the doctoral program of the academic year, please refer to the "Latest Announcement" of the University's admission information website (https://admission.ntou.edu.tw/).

Travel Abroad

  1. Faculty, staff, and students with plans to go overseas, whether during weekdays, holidays, winter, or summer vacations, should request approval ten days before the target departure. Forms should be filled out and approved by the President.


  1. Those who have public transactions should adopt the Real-Name System and be handled according to the current regulations.
  2. All buildings will strictly implement a single entrance system with temperature checking. They will be required to wear masks upon entry and should strengthen their environmental cleanliness. Those who will not wear masks are not allowed to enter the building. After temperature checking, if a person has a high temperature or fever, they should report or notify the School Health Center immediately.
  3. The Security and School Safety Center will strengthen its laboratory inspections and campus patrols.
  4.  Library: it will continue to the students, school staff, holders of alumni library cards,  retired library cardholders, and University System of Taipei teachers and students (make sure to enter the library building with your staff card or student card); outsiders are still not allowed to use the library. From March 28 to April 10, the library closes at 5 PM.
  5. From March 28 to April 10, all sports venues and student activity centers will be closed.
  6. All restaurants within the vicinity of the University must follow the real-name system, temperature check, and alcohol disinfection at the entrance and enhance environmental cleaning. Masks are required except for eating. Follow the Guidelines for Epidemic Prevention in the Catering Industry.
  7. Teachers, students, and colleagues should continue to follow the relevant regulations when participating in the banquet.

Student Vaccination Leave

  1. Students can request a vaccination leave following regulations for vaccines or caring for family members.
    1. Vaccination leave (public leave to aid in epidemic prevention): vaccinated students must attach the "COVID-19 vaccination record card". Photocopies should be secured for the request, and the number of allowable days should be at most three consecutive days from the day of vaccination (including holidays).
    2. Family care leave (to assist in epidemic prevention): can avail of the leave if the student will accompany a family or relative (at most second-degree blood relatives), or spouse, with a maximum of 3 days. Students must attach the photocopy of the "COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card" and any proof of affinity.
    3. If students need to apply for an epidemic-related leave, they must request a leave according to the regulations provided. For details, see the website of the Division of Life Guidance Services.
  2. The leave provided serves as a support for the prevention measures of the epidemic. Therefore, after completing the request for leave, students will be exempted from being absent.


  1.  Dormitory residents are required to take their temperature when entering the dormitory. Students who have fever for five days due to vaccination must show their vaccination cards and fill in the information required for the "Notification of Non-Health Monitor Persons" system to facilitate follow-ups and monitoring from the University.
  2. The use of masks is strictly required in the dormitory.
  3. A person listed to do a home quarantine will be notified by the Keelung City Health Bureau and sent to a quarantine hotel.
  4. If a resident is listed for self-health management by the Keelung City Health Bureau and the University Health Center, they must stay in the dormitory and are not allowed to go out. The University will provide meals, sanitation supplies, perform daily cleaning and disinfection, and be handled following the anti-epidemic rules and regulations.  
  5. For food and express delivery on the first floor of the dormitory, delivery staff must log in using the QR code at the dormitory counter.

Faculty and Staff Work Arrangement

  1. Faculty and staff will maintain regular working hours. For the epidemic prevention care leave and personal leaves, refer to the regulations provided. 
  2. Online documents are encouraged to avoid contact with other individuals. However, if a paper document is a must, individuals can leave immediately after official records are delivered or handed to a particular office.

Health Management

  1. Faculty and employees must continue to manage their health. Everyone should wear masks, do frequent hand washing, pay attention to the area's ventilation, and avoid crowded places. Individuals with fever and respiratory symptoms must wear a mask and are encouraged to seek medical treatment and stay home to rest.
  2. Persons who meet the qualification for the vaccination category should receive the vaccine as soon as possible. But, first, they must register on the COVID-19 Public Vaccination Appointment Platform by themselves. Then, proceed to the epidemic prevention section to view promotional videos about vaccination.
  3. Individuals under quarantine and self-management will be notified and are prohibited from entering campus and laboratories. Ask the security center to assist with inspections and spot checks.
  4. The following are the designations for the care and division of responsibilities: faculty and staff (Occupational Safety and Health Center(OSHC) overseas students (OSHS), international students (Office of the International Affairs), confirmed cases (Health Center); all departments are encouraged to continue to care for students.
  5. The National Health Command Center – Taiwan Center for Disease Control announced that the public activity history and the time listed in the announcement where a confirmed individual is positive for COVID-19 are considered. Someone present at the same relevant place (based on entry and exit time) must cooperate and undergo health management or supervision. For ten days, a person under self-health management must report their current health status to the online group of NTOU Health Center.
  6. The University strictly implements pandemic prevention measures, and those with symptoms must immediately notify the NTOU Health Center (extension number 1070-1073).  Inform the authorities by calling the 1922 Hotline.