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Working Permit
Students holding a tourist visa must first apply for a residence visa from the Consular Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs . The visa will be issued within 15 days. The required documents include:
  1. Completed copy of the Foreign Resident Multi-function Application Form with two (2x2 inches) colored photos.
  2. Original and copy of the passport.
  3. Letter of Admission.
  4. Application fee of approximately NTD 3,000, depending on nationality.
  5. Health examination certificate may be required if applicable.
|Alien Resident Certificates, ARC
  • Application Process
    Foreign students and overseas Chinese students intending to study in Taiwan can apply within 15 days after arriving in Taiwan through the online registration system ofthe National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior.Applications submitted after the deadline may incur a fine of 2,000 NTD to 10,000 NTD.
    The following electronic documents must be submitted for the residence permit application:
    1. Photo (2-inch passport-size)
    2. Proof of Enrolment (Alternatively, a letter of admission if not yet registered)
    3. Passport
    4. Residence Visa
    5. Proof of Accommodation (Original receipts for tuition and dormitory fees or a housing contract)
    6. Additional Supporting Documents (e.g., scholarship contracts)
  • Friendly reminders
    When applying for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), please note the following:
    1. In the "Status of Study" sectionn, please select "enrolled".
    2. If you are unsure of your "Residential Address in Taiwan," please fill in the address for National Taiwan Ocean University: "No. 2, Beining Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City."
    3. After uploading the relevant residence permit application documents through the system, you will receive an email in your inbox notifying you of the application result. If there are any errors or missing information in your application, you will be informed to provide the necessary documents.
    4. If your application is approved, you will receive a payment link to download the payment voucher. You can then proceed to make the payment at a convenience store.
|Payment Method
Applicants are required to make the payment of the application fee within five business days after approval. Payment can be made through international credit cards, ATM transfers, or at major convenience stores. The residence permit fees are as follows: NTD500 for overseas Chinese students, and NTD1000 for foreign students.
Please note that payment via "international credit cards" does not support China Union Pay and American Express cards; only JCB, VISA, and MasterCard credit cards are accepted for online payment.
|Extension of Residence Permit
When there is a need to continue the residence in Taiwan after the expiration of the foreigner's residence period, the individual should apply for an extension within 30 days before the expiration date through the National Immigration Agency's online application system for foreigners and overseas Chinese. This can be done by visiting the "Foreign and Overseas Chinese/Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau/Non-registered National Students Online Application System" on the official website of the National Immigration Agency.
|Collection Method
A few days after completing the payment, you will receive an email notifying you that your residence permit has been processed. You can then proceed to the National Immigration Agency Service Centre in Keelung City to collect your residence permit.
Address:Building A, 11F., No.18, Yi 1st Rd., Keelung City
|Overdue Residence Permit
  Overstaying in the Country Overstaying Outside the Country
Explanation For individuals who have overstayed for less than 30 days and whose original reasons for residence still persist, they may reapply for residency after being fined. However, for those who have overstayed for 30 days or more (including the 30th day), residency renewal is not permitted, and they must reapply for a visa to enter the country. If the residence permit is overstayed outside the country, individuals should apply for a visa to enter the country from abroad. After entering, they must then reapply for a residence permit at the service station. It is not permissible to settle the fine for the overstayed residence permit and subsequently process the renewal of the residence permit.
Fine Duration of overstay Fine Amount You would need to reapply for a residence visa, and after entering the country, proceed to apply for a residence permit.
within 10 days NTD 2,000
11 to 30 days NTD 4,000
31 to 60 days NTD 6,000
61 to 90 days NTD 8,000
more than 91 days NTD 10,000
|Important Considerations
  1. Holders of Alien Resident Certificates can enter the country multiple times during their valid residence period without the need for additional applications.
  2. Foreign students and overseas Chinese students who obtain a residence permit after arriving in Taiwan and registering should apply online for a permit extension if they need to prolong their stay in Taiwan. This should be done within 30 days before the expiration of the current permit.
  3. Foreign students and overseas Chinese students who have obtained a residence permit after arriving in Taiwan and completing registration must apply online for a permit modification if there is a need to change the permit details.
  4. Those who fail to extend their residence permit within the specified period may have their residency qualification revoked by the competent authority, and they may be ordered to leave the country.
  5. If planning to leave Taiwan during the semester, it is crucial to ensure that the Alien Resident Certificate will still be valid upon return. If necessary, apply for an extension through the online application system well in advance.
  6. For individuals holding a residence permit for educational purposes who are applying for leave (suspension, withdrawal, graduation), the permit becomes invalid after completing the departure procedures. Leave the country within the specified time. If returning to resume studies after a leave, a new visa application is required.
  7. Graduates seeking employment in Taiwan should submit their graduation certificate when applying for a residence permit extension. The extended period is calculated as the graduation month plus an additional 6 months. For delayed graduation, relevant proof should be submitted, and the Alien Resident Certificate may be issued for a period ranging from 6 months to 1 year based on actual study circumstances.
|For detailed regulations, please contact the "National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior"
Address: 11th Floor, No. 18, Yi 1st Road, Keelung City
Service Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
Main Line: (02)2428-1775
Automated Voice Inquiry: (02)2370-2797
Human Inquiry Line: (02)2389-9983
24-hour Toll-Free Consultation Hotline for Foreigners Living in Taiwan: 1990(Chinese, English, Japanese)
Our university has two dormitories for male students, one dormitory for female students, and 1 co-ed dormitory building, total 5 dormitories. There are 1,865 beds for male students, 1,020 beds for female students, with a total capacity of 2,885 students. All dormitories on campus have four students per room, with bunk beds. Accommodation eligibility will be determined through a lottery system. However, to help international students adapt to this new environment and avoid inconvenience when renting off-campus housing, bed spaces have been reserved for all international students (you need to apply online; if demand exceeds availability, accommodation eligibility will be determined based on the location of the student's household registration).
Domitory Bed width(cm) Bed Length(cm)
1st Male Dormitory 85 191
2nd Male Dormitory 89.5 193
3rd Male Dormitory 88 197
1st Female Dormitory 90.5 180.5
2nd Female Dormitory 88 197
★All female international students will be assigned to the female dormitory building 2, male international students will be assigned to the male dormitory building 2, and overseas Chinese students will be allocated dormitories based on their respective departments.
|Dormitory Fees
Domitory List of Student Dormitory Fees Charge and Refund in 2024/2025 Academic Calendar
1st Female Dormitory NTD 8,500
1st Male Dormitory NTD 9,100
2nd Male Dormitory NTD 9,300
3rd Male Dormitory & 2nd Female Dormitory NTD 9,900
Wang Guangxiang NTOU Alumni International Student Dormitory (Matsu Campus) NTD 9,900
★The application for accommodation is for an academic year, which includes the first and second semesters as well as the winter break. You do not need to reapply for the winter break and the second semester. The accommodation fee is divided into payments for the first and second semesters. You will also need to pay a housing deposit of 1,000 NTD for the first semester, which is a one-time payment for the entire academic year.
|Important notes on accommodation fee payment
  1. Students who have been approved for a bed should visit theFirst Bank's "e-school miscellaneous fees portal" to print the housing deposit and accommodation fee payment form and complete the payment as specified. To avoid any unforeseeable circumstances that might prevent you from paying the housing deposit within the deadline, please complete the payment as early as possible. If you fail to pay the housing deposit within the deadline for personal reasons, it will be considered as giving up your accommodation eligibility, and your bed will be removed without objection.
  2. For students applying for student loans and low-income household exemptions, please be sure to complete the relevant procedures within the time frame specified by the Student Affairs Office. For more information, please refer tothe Student Affairs Office's website or contact them at extensions 1063-1065. Those who fail to apply within the deadline will be considered as giving up their accommodation eligibility, and their bed will be removed without objection.
  3. If you have any questions about paying the housing deposit or your accommodation bed, please contact the Housing Affairs Division during office hours (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM) at extensions 1056-1061.
|Refunds and Fees Semester Accommodation
Campus Dormitory : The fees and refund standards are based on the number of weeks according to the university calendar, for approved accommodation, accommodation cancellation, or check-out time, as shown in the table below.
Time The percentage of semester
accommodation fee to be
paid upon approval of
The percentage of the
accommodation fee that can
be refunded upon
completing the check-out or
canceling the
Before the first day of dormitory opening 100% 100%
The first week of the calendar 100% 50%(no including aircond fees)
The second and third weeks of the calendar 90% 50%(no including aircond fees)
The fourth and fifth weeks of the calendar 80% 50%(no including aircond fees)
The sixth week of the calendar 70% 50%(no including aircond fees)
The seventh week of the calendar 70% 0%
The eighth and ninth weeks of the calendar 60% 0%
The tenth and eleventh weeks of the calendar 50% 0%
Starting from the twelfth week of the calendar 40% 0%
|Housing Deposit
The housing deposit is 1,000 NTD.
★The remaining detailed regulations can be found in the "Guidebook for NTOU International Students".
|Legal regulations
According to the regulations of the National Health Insurance Act, individuals holding a residence permit document and residing in Taiwan for a continuous period of six months or more are required to participate in the National Health Insurance (NHI) program.
The six-month residence requirement is considered fulfilled when a person enters Taiwan, obtains an Alien Resident Certificate, and resides continuously for six months or has been outside the country for up to 30 days on a single occasion (with the days spent outside subtracted from the total).
|Sickness and Medical Insurance
The National Health Insurance (NHI) requires a stay in Taiwan of more than six months for eligibility.
Therefore, during the first six months, National Taiwan Ocean University will provide you with health and accident insurance. The premium for one semester (6 months) is NTD3,000. The insurance covers clinic visits and hospitalization.
If you need to file an insurance claim, you will need to prepare medical proof and receipts and bring them to the Office of International Affairs (OIA). We will assist you in the claims process, but the maximum daily claim amount is 1,000 NTD.
|Payment Method and Amount for Insurance Premium
The school includes the health insurance premium in the semester tuition and miscellaneous fees payment invoice. Students are required to settle the payment during the registration process.
The health insurance premium for foreign students is 826 NTD per month (in accordance with the current fee standards of the National Health Insurance Bureau). The total amount for one semester is 4,956 NTD (First semester: September to February of the following year; Second semester: March to August).
New students entering the country must obtain a valid residence permit and are eligible for insurance coverage after residing in Taiwan for a minimum of 6 months.
|Transfer of School-Handled Health Insurance to Our University
Situation 1: For New Students Who have Not Been Insured by Other Institutions
Upon obtaining a valid residence permit, new incoming students who have not enrolled in insurance elsewhere are required to upload a digital copy of their residence permit to the designated link. The International Affairs Office will process health insurance enrolment and apply for the health insurance IC card for students who have obtained a valid residence permit and have resided in Taiwan for at least 6 months. The National Health Insurance Administration is responsible for card approval and production, and once the card is received by the school, the International Affairs Office will notify students to come and collect their health insurance cards.
Situation 2: For Those Previously Insured Elsewhere but Need to Transfer Insurance to the University
If you have been insured through another institution (e.g., language schools, workplaces, local government offices, etc.) and need to transfer your health insurance to the university, please first go to your original insurance provider to process the transfer. Obtain the National Health Insurance Withdrawal Declaration Form from the current insurance provider, and then submit the required documents to the International Affairs Office for the transfer of health insurance.
Situation 3: Already Insured Through Another Instituiton and Do Not Need to Transfer Insurance to the University(e.g.,Dependents,Workspace, etc.)
Please provide proof of your external insurance coverage and inform the designated personnel at the International Affairs Office. Check the tuition and miscellaneous fees payment invoice at the beginning of each semester to avoid duplicate payments.
|Transferring Out or Withdrawing from the University-Handled Health Insurance (Leave of Absence, Withdrawal, Graduation, Transfer, Employment)
Please visit the International Affairs Office to handle health insurance refund and withdrawal procedures.
|Reissuing or Replacing Health Insurance IC Card
For those who need to reissue the health insurance IC card due to changes in personal information, damage, loss, or photo replacement, please visit the post office or the National Health Insurance Administration to apply and pay a processing fee of NT$200.
|For detailed regulations, please contact the "National Health Insurance Administration"
Address: 1st Floor, No. 95, Yi 1st Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City, 202
Phone: (02)2428-2799
Service Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM; 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM
For international students who wish to work in Taiwan (whether on or off-campus), it is mandatory to apply for and obtain a work permit according to regulations. Failure to apply for a work permit as required, and being employed as an illegal worker, may result in a fine ranging from NTD30,000 to NTD150,000, and the individual may be ordered to leave the country.
|Online Application
To begin the online application process, please visit the Ministry of Labor website at "Foreign Professionals’ Work Permit Application" to create an account. Follow the steps outlined in the website's operation manual to submit your online application.
|Required Documents
  1. Copy of both sides of the student ID card.
  2. Copy of the passport.
  3. Copy of both sides of the residence permit.
  4. Receipt for the work permit application fee(NTD100) paid at the post office (Upload to the "Other" folder).
  5. Current semester’s enrollment certificate in Chinese.
★If the Ministry of Labor approves your application, the International Affairs Office (for foreign students) will receive your work permit. Overseas Chinese students can collect it at the Campus Security Center. Once we have received your work permit, we will contact you via Facebook (FB) or email to inform you to come and collect it. Alternatively, we may send it to you electronically.
|Work Permit Duration and Working Hours Limitations
Application Date Working Permit Duration
Application for First Semester Permission valid until the end of the next semester on March 31st
Application for Second Semester Permission valid until September 30th of the same year
Only applicable across semesters or academic years Permission is valid for a maximum of 6 months (3 months for international students)
★The employer hiring the following students for employment is exempt from the restrictions stipulated in Article 46, Paragraph 1 of the Employment Service Act. The maximum weekly working hours, except during summer and winter vacations, shall not exceed 20 hours.
|The process for applying for a replacement of a lost work permit is as follows
Only the original work permit holder is eligible to apply for a replacement permit.
|Required Documents
  1. Notarized statement for the reason of reissuance (please obtain an official seal from the International Office).
  2. Photocopy of both sides of the student ID.
  3. Photocopy of the passport.
  4. Photocopy of both sides of the residence permit.
  5. Chinese version of the current semester’s enrollment certificate.
  6. Original work permit and postal payment receipt.
|Other relevant regulations (penalties, termination of work permit)are as follows
  1. Failure to comply with the provisions mentioned above may lead to the termination of the work permit by the Ministry of Labor. Additionally, individuals who work without applying for a work permit as required and are employed as hired workers by others, according to the Employment Service Act, may face a fine ranging from NTD30,000 to NTD150,000 and may be ordered to leave the country.
  2. According to the "Regulations Governing the Permission and Administration of the Employment of Foreign Workers by Employers," overseas Chinese students, Hong Kong and Macau students, and international students enrolled in regular academic programs in Taiwan can apply for a work permit immediately upon enrollment. However, foreign students studying language courses in Taiwan must have completed at least one year of study before applying.
  3. If the applicant wishes to personally collect the documents, they must fill out the "Declaration for Personal Document Collection" (available for download from the Ministry of Labor, Workforce Development Agency website) and submit the application at the designated counter of the Ministry of Labor, Workforce Development Agency. The applicant should collect the documents within the specified period by presenting the receipt, and if the documents are not collected within the deadline, the Ministry of Labor will send them by registered mail.
  4. The work permit becomes invalid if a student loses their enrollment status due to suspension or withdrawal from school.
|For detailed regulations, please contact the "Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor"
Address: 10th Floor, No. 39, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100
Service Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM for in-person submissions
Taiwan Phone: (02)8995-6000

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