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【News 】University of Surabaya (UBAYA) in Indonesia visited the NTOU

On November 2, 2022, the Vice President of the University of Surabaya, Dr. Agus Hariyanto, M.Kes, led a group of distinguished guests to visit our school. The Dean of the International Affairs of the NTOU, Dr. Yu-Wei Chang, and the Director of the Athletic Department of NTOU, Dr. Zhi-Neng Huang welcomed the delegations from the UBAYA. Both sides discussed the cooperation schemes and the plausible development between the two universities in the OIA conference room. The University of Surabaya in Indonesia (UBAYA) and the NTOU have established a firm partnership since 2017, and both sides have built a good relationship. This year, the UBAYA delegations visited the NTOU and sought to facilitate sports exchanges with the NTOU. In addition to creating opportunities for sports exchange, the UBAYA also brought up the issue of renewing the cooperation agreement in the near future to strengthen cooperation between the two universities. During the meeting, Dr. Chang and Dr. Huang had a great conversation with the vice President of the UBAYA, and they also invited the guest to tour the Physical Education Office of the NTOU. Both sides had reached a consensus and agreed to move forward to having more activities and cooperations. After the meeting, they exchanged souvenirs to show their friendship and took a group photo at the OIA office.

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