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About OIA

Office of International Affairs

Office of International Affairs specializes in supporting international, overseas Chinese and mainland china students in achieving their educational, professional and personal objectives. Our services include scholarships, working certificates, immigration and ARC applications, National Health Insurance, orientation, executive workshop and host family domestic volunteer students, culture visiting trips, Chinese New Year gathering, and other association/ club activities.

We, the Office of International Affairs, are delighted that you have chosen to continue your education here! We look forward to welcoming you and supporting you in adjusting to the NTOU campus life and Taiwanese culture. If you have any problems or suggestions, please feel free contacting us either indirectly via (the contact information shown below), or directly by visiting our office located in New GYM (1st floor).

We wish you every success as you acquire the education and the life skills required in this interdependent world!

The OIA is responsible for the following affairs

  1. Preparation advice for new oversea Chinese and international students’ enrolment.

  2. New overseas Chinese and international students’ reception.

  3. New overseas Chinese and international students’ orientation.

  4. Oversea Chinese and international students’ visa, ARC application and extension, entry & department matters.

  5. New overseas Chinese and international students’ life counseling.

  6. Co-sponsor and support the federation of overseas Chinese and international students’ association’s activities.

  7. Oversea Chinese students’ public expense and Scholarships applications.

  8. First trial for off-campus working admission.

  9. Application for work-study job on campus.

  10. Assist oversea Committee on Overseas Chinese Education, the Overseas Compatriot Commission etc., on guidance and counseling activities matters.

  11. Overseas Chinese and international students’ meeting.

  12. Scholarship applications.

  13. Annual oversea Chinese and international cultural and food exhibition.

  14. Invitation to the family member of graduated oversea Chinese and international students attend graduation ceremony in Taiwan.