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About OIA


In recent years, due to frequent international interactions, the number of foreign students enrolled at our university has shown a rapid increase. In order to enhance the guidance and care for overseas and international students, and to align with the government's promotion of international education policies, our university established the "Overseas and International Student Guidance Division" during the summer vacation of the academic year 2006. On August 1, 2008, it was renamed as the International Affairs Division. The purpose is to implement various guidance services for overseas and international students, provide caring support for their daily lives, alleviate homesickness, and assist them in successfully completing their studies. To further promote international academic exchange cooperation in line with the Ministry of Education's international education policy, the International Affairs Office was officially established on August 1, 2010. It aims to integrate strategies for the promotion and development of international affairs, actively participate in overseas education fairs, expand the enrollment of international students, establish English-taught programs and classes, and create a high-quality international and bilingual campus environment to attract more outstanding international students to pursue degrees at our university. This initiative contributes to nurturing exceptional international talents and enhancing the overall academic competitiveness of the university, aligning with the goal of advancing toward a world-class institution.

● NTOU provides the following life guidance and care for overseas and mainland Chinese students:
Regular Counseling Services and Assistance
*Provision of pre-arrival information, including airport reception services for new students
*Assistance with new student accommodation and registration, residence permit, health insurance application, and National Health Insurance card processing
*Construction of bilingual campus information webpages
*Introduction to campus resources
*Compilation of international student handbooks and living guides for life in Taiwan
*Orientation meetings for new overseas and mainland Chinese students
International Student Host Family Program
Recruitment of local host families to introduce international students to local culture and engage in language and cultural exchange
English Learning Buddy Program
Volunteer recruitment to organize buddy activities, fostering exchange and learning between international and local students
English Counseling
Weekly counseling sessions and English counseling hours in dormitories to provide guidance on various aspects of international students' life, learning, psychological counseling, and career planning
Overseas Chinese Student Activities
Welcome camp and evening party organized by the Overseas Chinese Student Association to help new students adapt to life in Taiwan
International Student Activities
Collaboration with local elementary schools for the annual "Multicultural Leadership Camp" during summer vacation, guiding children to experience various international cultures
Inter-University Gathering for International Students
Annual event to share experiences of international students from different schools in the northern region
Cultural Day
International students and overseas Chinese students prepare booths featuring exotic cultural foods in a carnival, introducing various cultural experiences to faculty and students, fostering a broader international perspective and understanding of diverse cultures
Assistance in Applying for Various Scholarships for Overseas and Mainland Chinese Students
*Acceptance of applications for scholarships for financially disadvantaged overseas Chinese students and initial review of applications
*Assistance with off-campus work permits for overseas and mainland Chinese students
*Assistance in applying for on-campus work-study positions for overseas and mainland Chinese students
Coordinating Counseling Activities with Relevant Units
Collaboration with the Ministry of Education's Overseas Compatriot Education Committee, the Overseas Community Affairs Council, and other relevant units for counseling activities related to overseas and mainland Chinese students
Inviting Graduating Students' Families to Attend Graduation Ceremonies
Inviting families of graduating overseas and mainland Chinese students to Taiwan to attend graduation ceremonies.