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【COVID-19 Alert】COVID-19 Alert Level 3 Extended until June 14

Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced yesterday, May 25, 2021, that Level 3 restriction status is extended to June 14, 2021, since the COVID-19 cases continue to increase in some counties and cities across the country. Many of the staff and faculty of NTOU is also working at their respective homes. For problems, please contact Ms. Joyce Wu thru her email address joyce_wu730@mail.ntou.edu.tw.


 To augment the current contact tracing system, the government launched a short message service (SMS) to enable cellphone users to leave their contact information when entering stores,  supermarkets, and other public areas.

The SMS contact tracing system provides a convenient and easy way to automatically store the customer’s location data to track the tracing. Many stores near NTOU have already applied for the QR Code, such as Family Mart and Watsons. Read carefully on how to use the SMS contact tracing system using the following options:


Method 1: Scan the QR Code directly.  After scanning, sending messages will pop up; this step is executed successfully after sending the message.



Method 2:  Scanning through Line. Click the Line official account of the Centers for Disease Control. Use the Menu to look for the scanning option; this step is done after scanning the code, clicking the link, and sending the message.



Method 3: Send message directly to 1922.

If your cellphone is without any camera, type “1922” in the recipient box and type the store code and send the message.


The SMS Contact Tracing System will later be fully instituted on Taiwan High-Speed Rail (THSR), Taiwan Railway, long-distance buses, and other public transportation. Everyone is encouraged to participate and use the system to aid the government in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

You can also visit the Workforce Development Agency Website for the COVID-19 Severe Special Infections Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention Zone for added information with language translations available in Mandarin, English, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, and in Thai.


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