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【Highlights】2021 Year End Gathering

     The Annual Year-End Gathering, a traditional and most anticipated event for international students, was held last December 23, 2021, at the Evergreen Hotel in Keelung City. For this year,  57 students, 7 professors, and some invited local students participated. Every year, students look forward to this activity that comes with dressing up in formal attire. The international students could also enjoy socialization and catching up with fellow students. Despite the COVID restrictions, the Office of the International Affairs (OIA) once again successfully organized this event to happen. 

     The year-end gathering is a celebrated event as NTOU continues to encourage and honor the international student community for their willingness to further their academic journey in the university. It is also an avenue to appreciate and reward their academic achievements and hard work. 

     The university officials led by Vice-President Ming-An Li and the staff of OIA as a way to show their support, graced the event. Vice-President Li also gave his words of encouragement and with looking forward and prayed for a better 2022 for everyone, especially with the pressing problems on COVID-19. He also said to take this challenging opportunity to be thankful and respect each other. With the daily academic targets or demands, such as deadlines and assignments, may everyone continue to look into the brighter light to keep everyone running the race to achieve success. As he finished his speech, he thanked everyone for joining the event and wished to make use of the time to enjoy.

     The Dean of OIA, Prof. I-Shiung Chen, was once again delighted to be part of this event. His speech emphasized NTOU's international community is indeed a family. He wished everyone to enjoy their research endeavors and academic activities. He also wishes for more publications and more opportunities for the students in the future. Prof. Chen hoped for everyone to enjoy the event as well.

     The Blue Ocean Dance Group was once again invited for a dance performance. There were also performances from two new Ph.D. students from India.  Aratrika Ray, from the Department of Environmental Biology and Fisheries Science, rendered an Indian traditional dance. Meanwhile, Saumyadip Sarkar from the Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology, sang and played his music composition. The 2021 year-end event aimed to strengthen the relationship of international students and get to know each other, most especially the new students. Aside from the traditional exchanging of gifts, there were games for more fun and excitement. Games played were Sorted, Hep-Hep Hurray (famous in the Philippines), Head’s Up, and Charade. In-kind and cash prizes (sponsored by the OIA Dean) were given to the winners.  To complete the event, Alvin Modales (Philippines) serenade the audience with a song and led a dance number for everyone to participate for the closing.

     The event turned out to be fun and full of laughter as everyone enjoyed the different activities as students actively participated. A special dinner box and a Christmas-themed dessert were served for the students to enjoy. The program was hosted by Jiji  Kannan and Pattanapuangsit Saowapa.

     If you want to reminisce the event, you can watch one of the performances and some captured moments below..


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