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【Contest】2021 NTOU Video Contest

1.Purpose of the contest: The purpose of the contest is to encourage international students, Mainland China students and overseas Chinese students to share their journey and experiences while in NTOU through a video testimonial. The video could include campus life, learning experiences, daily activities, and observations around campus, etc.

2.Participants: International students, Mainland China students and overseas Chinese students currently enrolled in NTOU. The contest is only for individuals (one person) applying. Group participants or entries are not allowed.

3.Registration deadline: By 17:00, March 31st, 2021.

4.Film language: Native language of the participant with the subtitles in English.

5.Video content: Participants will make a 3-minute video about student's life in NTOU. The video must be recorded using the participant's native language with English subtitles. The video can be presented using animations, pictures, narration or voice over, or other forms of motion pictures and additional creative ideas.

6.Registration procedure: Please download the registration form from NTOU OIA website (https://oia.ntou.edu.tw/). Participants need to create their video and upload it on YouTube within the registration period (By March 31st, 2021). Email the YouTube link and the registration form to oia@email.ntou.edu.tw to complete the registration process. Take note that entries must comply with the Copyright Act. Please do not plagiarize others' work.  The email subject and the file name of the registration form should be "2021 NTOU Video Contest-[Name]."

7.Standards and incentives: According to the content, structure, expression, and vividness, the contest will select 1 superior work, 5 advanced works, and several honorable mentions. The following are the monetary prizes: superior work with NT$7,000, advanced work with NT$3,000, and honorable mention with NT$1,000.

8.Please refer to the attachment for more details.

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