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FAQs for International Students

COVID-19 Updates: Frequently Asked Questions for International Students

Latest update: September 3, 2020

     The Office of the International Affairs (OIA) compiled common questions asked by incoming and returning students to Taiwan. Links from government agancies and organizations are also provided. For further questions, please communicate to the OIA staff.  

Re-entry requirements

  1. Do I need to apply for an entry permit to enter Taiwan? 
    • Students with a valid Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) are allowed to enter Taiwan; there is no need to apply for an entry permit.
  2. How do I prepare to re-enter Taiwan?
    • Check if your ARC is still valid by the time you plan to come back. You can extend your ARC online even outside Taiwan in case it expires upon returning. Visit the ARC application website to extend. 
    • Read carefully the guidelines from the CECC for the health monitoring requirements for travellers entering Taiwan.
    • Arrange your flight and book your government quarantine facility or hotel. Contact the OIA staff for the quarantine facility.
    • Notify the OIA and your respective departments/programs of your plans of coming back for old returning students. 
    • Obtain a COVID-19 RT-PCR test report issued three working days prior your boarding flight to Taiwan.
    • Within 48 hours before your arrival at the Taoyuan International Airport, you are required to fill-out the Quarantine System for Entry  to enter Taiwan. Read the FAQs of the Quarantine System for Entry. Information entered more than 48 hours before flights are not considered. All arriving passengers are required to provide a Taiwan mobile number in the system. If you already have a Taiwan number, you can complete the entry before boarding. If you don't have the sim card upon arrival, make sure to buy at the airport and complete your entries to the system. 
    • Always bring your Taiwan SIM card with you. You can apply for a new SIM card to a telecom provider or apply to reactivate your Taiwan SIM card the airport.
  3. My ARC has expired while I am at my home country? What should I do to get an entry permit so I can continue with my studies?
    • Notify the Office of International Affairs to apply for a serial number issued by the Ministry of Education (MOE). You need the serial number to apply for visa at the designated Taiwan office in your country. 
  4. What do I do upon arrival at Taiwant airport?
    • Purchase a prepaid SIM card or reactivate your SIM card before going through immigration.
    • Complete your health declaration and quarantine registration in Quarantine System for Entry if you haven't completed.
    • Show the Health Declaration Certificate message in your mobile phone to the quarantine inspector.
    • Go through passport control and customs. 
    • Claim your luggage.
    • Take a PCR test at the airport. (For those who have visited high-risk countries, the test is conducted at government quarantine facities.)
    • A rented quarantine vehicle will take you to your prefered quarantine facility.
  5.  How much is the RT-PCR test in Taiwan?
    • NTD 4,500 if you get the result on the same day; NTD 3,500 if result released on the next day.

Quarantine & self-health management

  1. Can I do my quarantine in self-arranged facilities or any hotel? 
    • NO! There are designated quarantine facilties. You can choose the government quarantine facility or desiganted hotels. 
  2. How many days is the requirred qurantine duration?
    • You will be required 14 days
  3. How can I arrange my quarantine facility preference?
    • If you came from a high-risk country in the past 14 days, you will be required to use the government quarantine facillity. Your accomodation will be paid by the government but rooms will be assigned to you; you cannot choose a room of your own . If you want to reserve a room, you can still use the government facility or a designated quarantine hotel but you need to pay for your own accomodation. You can reserve for the government facilities by completing the online declaration on Quarantine System Entry within 48 hours BEFORE your arrival to Taiwan together with your payment for the reservation. 
  4. How much is the cost for the quarantine? 
    • Booked government facility: 1,500 NTD; Hotel quarantine: 2,500 NTD (Approximated cost). The cost is inclusive of food/meals already.
  5. How do I comply with the government measures if I choose to stay in the quarantine hotel? 
    • Be sure to get the e pidemic prevention kit upon arrival. Pay attention to the provided information and reminders.
    • Check the hotel requirement if need to pay for the hotel before check-in.
    • Download Line Mobile App and register for an account. You will be needing your Taiwan mobile number to register. After your registration, add the  CECC LINE Epidemic Monitoring Account. Use your Line Mobile App to scan the provided QR code. 
    • Check and record your body temperature. Input your current health condition using the CECC LINE Epidemic Monitoring APP (Menu/Assessment/Physical Health Record Form) eveyday before 12:00 noon until the last day of your quarantine.
    • Always make sure your mobile phone is active for 24 hours during the quarantine period; this will activate your phone's positioning tracking system to monitor your current location. 
    • Rapid test for COVID-19 is between the 10 th  and 12 th day of your quarantine period.
    • Take a PCR test between the 12 th and 14 th day of your quarantine period. If you are negative in the test, you will be transferred to the self-health management facility of NTOU. A designated rented vehicle will bring you to the NTOU facility . 
    • Make sure to abide by the quarantine hotel regulations. Violators are fined NT$100,000 to NT$1 million.
  6. What is self-health management?
    • During the self-health management, you will be required to stay in the NTOU's International Dorm located outside the campus for 7 days after your quarantine. You can still go out to purchase food or daily necesities but you must always wear mask at all time when going out.
    • Avoid going to public places or crowded areas.
    • You cannot attend classes or join any activity or dining with friends.
    • Avoid taking public transportation.
    • Always wash your hands frequently and follow respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette. 
    • Take your temperature 2x a day, one in the morning and in the evening. You need to send your temperature measurement to the Line Account that will be provided by the NTOU School Health Center via Line.
    • Make sure you to ask someone to buy your beddings (eg matress, pillow, beddings, blanket) and other essentials before arriving at the NTOU International Dormitory. 
  7. Can the OIA help new students to arrange their quarantine facility?
    • Yes. Before you come to Taiwan, please contact the OIA to arrange your quarantine facility. 

Class Attendance

  1. Will there be online classes for Fall 2021 semester?
    • NTOU online classes will be extended until October 9, 2021. This short-term online classes will help new students familiarize themselves with online class procedures of NTOU.  
    • Wait for further announcements since face-to-face classes will depend on the progress of COVID-19 in Taiwan. This decision will be decided by the University Officials together with the recommendation of the Ministry of Education following the guidelines provided by tge CECC for COVID -19.
    • Always check   OIA website for announcements.
  2. What if I cannot attend my class due to late arrival and quarantine requirements?
    • Contact OIA and your respective department's teaching assitant to arrange it for you. 
  3. Where can I find NTOU's pandemic prevention measures?


  1. If I am already fully vaccinated before coming to Taiwan, do I still need to quarantine?
    • All travellers arriving Taiwan are still required to undergo the mandatory 14-day quarantine and 7-day self-health management. 
  2. Can I get a vaccine when I arrive in Taiwan?
    • Yes . You can be vaccinated when you arrive in Taiwan as long as your are holding a valid Alien Residency Certificate even without a National Health Insurance. You can register for a COVID-19 vaccine thrugh the Appointment Reservation System using your ARC number and passport number (instead of NHI number). But such application is subject to availability of vaccine in the country. 
    • You can check the registration date and availability of the vaccine in the  Appointment Reservation System . You can also check the available type of vaccine. 
  3. How can I register using the  Appointment Reservation System ?


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