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Arrival and Quarantine Information

Checklist for necessary preparations before coming to Taiwan for the 21-day quarantine & self-health management and for the enrollment procedures. Provide a certificate of negative COVID-10 test results issued 2 days before arrival to Taiwan. 

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Preparation before Departure to Taiwan

Fall-Winter COVID-19 Prevention Program

** COVID-19 RT-PCR test result


Airport pick-up and quarantine arrangement


Quarantine System for Entry


**log in 48-hour before arrival
On Arrival to Taiwan

Reception of overseas students at the airport


Online Declaration


Health Declaration Certificate



Line group of the Division of Health Service

ID : @084ddfua


Line group [ Prevention of Epidemic ]


21-day Quarantine record

Quarantine and Self-health Management Notice

Everyone will stay at the quarantine facility or hotel

New announcement regarding the extension of the quarantine period

A. Government Quarantine Station (FOC for diagnostic tests)

B. Quarantine Hotel (government will pay for the diagnostic test )
Financial Subsidy  

Compensation System for Periods of Isolation and Quarantine


Enrolment Process

Online Application of Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)


Academic Information System (AIS)

(For access to online enlistment, registration, and enrollment)


Mandarin Program for Foreign Students

(Mandarin course requirement)



New Announcement (updated 30 August 2021)

According to the CDC, some new instructions have been implemented to improve border control measures on the COVID-19 pandemic since February 2021. The quarantine period was 14 days (14 days of  quarantine, including 2 days of diagnostic tests) and self-health management was 7 days . Please refer to page 9 of this document.

Reminder!! Provide a certificate of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test result issued within three days prior to the flight to Taiwan.

   Preparation Before Departure to Taiwan

  1. Fall-Winter COVID-19 prevention program : Beginning December 1, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that it would launch the Fall-Winter COVID-19 Prevention Program to improve border quarantine control and strengthen community prevention and medical response measures.

*** All travelers arriving in Taiwan and transit passengers are required to provide a certificate of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test result issued within three days prior to boarding the flight to Taiwan.

Website: https://www.cdc.gov.tw/En/Bulletin/Detail/KIUJU0aZex70DPFUN3d66w?typeid=158&utm_source=mofa_nspp

  1. Airport pick-up and quarantine arrangement : Complete the Google Form on the provided link.

** Note that the contact number in this section should be the Taiwan contact number (you are advised to purchase the Taiwan SIM card in advance). 

→ Google form: https://forms.gle/9ohMABgEpwuXmbSe9

  1. Quarantine System for Entry: Log into the system 48 hours before the flight arriving in Taiwan.

→ Google form: https://hdhq.mohw.gov.tw/

Upon Arrival to Taiwan

  1. Report to the school authority ASAP upon arrival p1

  1. Reception overseas students in the arrival hall of the airport. 
    1. Upon arrival at the airport, the students will be received by the Representative of the Ministry of Education (MOE) holding the name of the school for easier recognition of the representatives. Look for the person holding a paper that looks like the image on the right :
    2. Students must present their Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate for verification. Arrival information will be registered in the MOE system.
    3. Follow the representative's instructions with care.
      • *Note : Students entering Taiwan from key high-risk countries (India, United Kingdom, Peru, Israel, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Bangladesh) will be escorted by the CDC Officer to a designated zone to complete the entry procedures. The arrival PCR test will be performed at the Group Quarantine facility.
    4. To purchase a SIM card, you will need the following:
      • Passport and boarding pass
      • Cash/Credit Card for payment amounting to NT$ 1,000 (valid for 30 days)
      • Student under 18 years of age will be required to present a parental consent letter
    5. Scan QR code for Quarantine System Entry
      • Carefully fill out the form and verify the accuracy of the data.
      • The Quarantine System for Entry should be completed less than 48 hours prior to your arrival in Taiwan; edit the applicable content, such as the local phone number.
      • Once finished, take a screenshot of the Health Declaration page.
    6. For the CDC inspection , present the following.
      • Passport
      • Screenshot of the Health Declaration
      • Information about the Quarantine Hotel Reservation (facility name & address) 
      • Nucleic acid test result (should be negative)
    7. Students under 20 years of age should provide document parental consent. The form must be filled out and signed.
    8. Personal and carry-on items checkpoint:
    9. Foreign exchange: the rate is published by the Central Bank on a daily basis, and make sure to show your passport and provide the equivalent cash for currency exchange.
    10. In the immigration, please present the following:
      • Passport
      • Entry Disembarkation Card
      • Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate
      • Information on Quarantine Hotel Reservation
    11. Claim your baggage
    12. PCR Test and Transportation Arrangement
      • Pick up PCR test kit (test slip, saliva case, Ziploc bag)
      • Follow the direction to the test cube
      • Once complete, the CDC personnel will give you a quarantine sticker. Do not remove the sticker until you get to the taxi.
    13. The MOE representative will direct you to the taxi queue.

  1. Online Declaration : Please complete the Google form in the link provided.

→ Google form: https://forms.gle/7LbiBpVxTCE57eUX9

NTOU Declaration of Travel History during the Covid-19 Pandemic


**According to the Taiwan CDC, any person who arrived in Taiwan after March 19, 2020, should declare his travel history to the school authorities.

** Please refer to page 6 for more information on  quarantine

  1. Please send the full screenshot or hard copy (both sides) of the Health Declaration Certificate to the Division of Health Services ( sm@mail.ntou.edu.tw ) and Joyce from OIA ( joyce_wu730@mail.ntou.edu.tw ). 


p3 p4 p5

Electronic screenshot version  Printed version                                                 

  1. Install the Line APP (available in the App Store and Play Store) and join the Line group of the Division of Health Services and leave your name, department, and student ID under the comment.

→ Line ID : @084ddfua

  1. Please join the Line group [過止神通] through the given link or QR code. Then, fill in the arrival information for identity registration.


ID : https://lin.ee/oY1L00W

  1. 21-day  quarantine: Please record your body temperature during the quarantine period and self-health management for 21 days (printed form and online system) daily.

** Please return the thermometer and alcohol bottle to the Division of Health Services when you complete the quarantine period.

→ Online system:

**Steps for logging in the online system:

  1. Enter the given school email for your account name (this is your student number) using this website link: https://mail.ntou.edu.tw/indexi.html . Use the following details to access your account:

Account: Student ID number (Please ask from JOYCE)

Password: Date of Birth (YYMMDD) OR Passport Number (in capital letter)



  1. Enter your account password for the online recording system. The password will be sent to your email after you arrive in Taiwan.

  1. The system must be completed before 3 pm daily during the quarantine period.


    B. Quarantine and Self-Health Management Notice:

  1. The duration for quarantine is 14 days (plus added 1-2 days), please stay at unless you have important occasions (eg, looking for medical services). Do not use public transportation on your way to the hospital.

  1. The duration of self-health management is 7 days; please avoid going to the public area and taking public transportation.

  1. Before going out to public areas, wear a mask, wash your hands with soaps, or use alcohol or sanitizer.

  1. Please record your body temperature daily (morning and afternoon). If any discomfort or symptoms occur, please immediately alert the reception desk of the quarantine hotel or call the Epidemic Prevention Hotline at 1922, and seek medical attention accordingly.

   Preparation Before Departure to Taiwan

The procedure of the diagnostic tests is described below:

  1. For the Government Quarantine Station (Free of charge for diagnostic tests)

Diagnostic tests would be arranged by government medical personnel and will be carried out one day before (day 13) the end of the quarantine period. Only those with negative test results are allowed to leave the quarantine station.

  1. For the Quarantine Hotel (F ree of charge for diagnostic tests )

    1. Diagnostic tests would be carried out the next day (15) after the completion of the quarantine period at the local hospital. Diagnostic tests would be arranged by the school authorities. Related information (hospital and time arrangement) should be submitted to the local public health department.
    2. Transportation to the hospital for diagnostic tests would be arranged by the school authority. Prevention measures (eg wearing a mask and maintaining social distance) should also be followed. The students should be sent back to the quarantine hotel after the diagnostic tests by the arranged transportation . Only those with negative test results are allowed to leave the quarantine hotel and enter the school area.

**The processing of the diagnostic results would take one to two days.

  1. Students who showed symptoms during the quarantine period that had carried out the diagnostic tests should take the tests again after completion of the quarantine.

** All SOP announced previously should be followed as well.

    Financial Subsidy

Compensation System for Periods of Isolation and Quarantine for Severe Pneumonia with Novel Pathogens Online application

For more information, please access to the provided link.

  1. Eligibility of application: https://covid19.mohw.gov.tw/ch/cp-4715-52306-205.html

  1. Online applicationhttps://swis.mohw.gov.tw/covidweb/home/index_en.jsp 


    Enrolment Process

  1. Online Application of Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) : Complete the application within 15 days after arriving in Taiwan.

→ Online system: https://coa.immigration.gov.tw/coa-frontend/student/entry?lang=en

  1. Academic Information System : Log in and complete the system by October 15, 2021. Your account details as shown below:

Account: Student ID

Password: Date of Birth (MMDDMMDD)

→ Operation manual: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14bv7jFVbwdaG2PpiReMDWGy5Jh993F6K/view

  1. Mandarin Program for Foreign Students: Please refer to the provided information.

→ Google link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E0U7-08Tx-xM_v-TkXzVJ0ibURmy057u/view


You can download the file with Word format below. 

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