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International Visits

Ambassador of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines visits NTOU

Date of Visit



Embassy of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Visitor List

1. Andrea Bowman大使 ( H.E.Ambassador )
2. Elroy Wilson公使 (Minister Counsellor)
3. Shebby-Ann Dennie參事 (Counsellor)

Purpose of visit

1. NTOU and The SVG delegation discussed issues centered on aquaculture, marine resources exploitation, and climate change.

Visit Itinerary

1. Meet with the The President of the NTOU, Professor Tai Wen Hsu, the Vice President , Dr. Cheng-Yu Ku, the Dean of the International Affairs of the NTOU, Dr. Yu-Wei Chang, Dr. Meng-Chou Lee, Dr. Po-Tsang Lee, Dr. Jui-Sheng Chang, and Dr. Pin-Wen Chiou.
2. Visit the Algae Resource Laboratory and Aquatic Animal Center


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