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【NEWS】National Taiwan Ocean University and University of Sabah Online Exchange Meeting

News announcement

National Taiwan Ocean University and University of Sabah Online Exchange Meeting Strengthens Research Cooperation Despite COVID-19

National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) and Universiti Malaysia Sabah(UMS) held an online exchange meeting on May 5th,2021. Both universities have a consensus on NTOU scholarship, joint grant for research, joint supervision for postgraduate students, and potential Dual Master Degree program in the future.

Dr. Tai Wen Hsu, the president of NTOU, personally led the administrative team, including Executive Vice President, Dr. Ming An Lee, Dean of International Affairs, Dr. I-Shiung Chen and nine professors to participate in this on-line meeting. During the meeting, both universities propose to research cooperation and academic exchange in Biotechnology, Engineering and Marine Affairs. By developing the fruitful partnership, NTOU will also provide scholarship encourage talent students from UMS.

Meeting Contents:

1. Develop professionals in marine science and technology.

2. NTOU will offer postgraduate scholarship program for five students from UMS in September, 2021.

3. NTOU will offer scholarship program, joint grant for research and joint supervision for postgraduate and Dual Master Degree.

4. Facilitate student exchange, research cooperation and on-line meeting in academic research.

5. Activate the activities such as co-research and joint conference in the near future.

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