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【Announcement】Vaccination notification

     The COVID-19 publicly funded vaccine that can be accessed through its portal Vaccine Appointment Registration Platform had its 2nd batch of registration on July 26. The 3rd batch of registration was extended at noon on July 19. There were around 941,000 who registered, and the vaccination has already started. 

     For those who are for the first time to be vaccinated, please bring your NHI card. For those taking their second shots, don’t forget to bring the vaccination card and make sure to follow your appointment, and go to the vaccination site on time during your schedule. If you missed your scheduled appointment, inform the on-site staff on the same day, and you can choose to be vaccinated for another time during that day only. If you cannot make it on that scheduled day, you need to wait for the next round of SMS notifications and register again using the registration platform to make another appointment.

     Those who registered for the 3rd batch will get SMS notifications starting July 20 and be given the AZ vaccine. Make sure to make an appointment once you received the SMS notification. 

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