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【COVID 19 Alert】COVID-19 Alert lowers down to Level 2 starting July 27


The Central Epidemic Command Center lowers down the epidemic alert to Level 2 starting July 27, 2021. To adhere to this development, the 38th epidemic prevention meeting was held on July 26, headed by President Tai-Wen Hsu, to formulate the university’s response. The University, with its continuous effort, is providing the latest information and publishes alerts on its epidemic prevention measures and alerts on the website for updates. All faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to cooperate, follow and participate in these relevant measures to ensure everyone and the campus’s safety. The following are the updated guidelines to be strictly followed while in the campus vicinity.

New enrollment

  1. For freshman admission and registration information, please refer to the NTOU website’s admission page (https://admission.ntou.edu.tw/area/).
  2.  Freshmen’s application for accommodation requires to register using the Teaching Affairs System from August 10 to 16, 2021; the application will be approved by the Dormitory Guidance Office. After the request is approved,  accommodation starts on September 11, 2021. For details, refer to the announcement on the webpage for new students or the Dormitory Guidance.

Meetings and events

  1. Starting July 27, meeting and activities inside and outside the campus will now allow maximum of 50 individuals for indoor and maximum of 100 for outdoors. Body temperature will still be checked and alcohol will be sprayed for disinfection. Mask is required during the activity. Drinking and eating is strictly prohibited.
  2. Starting July 27, Xinhaiyan 2 can continue to perform travels in accordance with the national research team’s epidemic prevention guidelines.
  3. The relevant procedure cases of the General Affairs Office shall be appropriately extended as needed and will be handled in accordance with the instructions of the Engineering Committee.   


  1. The campus is not open to the public. You will be required to register your names and ID numbers at the main gate upon entry. For vehicles, except for faculty, staff, and students (including contract manufacturers) who have applied for permission will be allowed. Other public vehicles that wish to enter the campus must apply for permission in advance.
  2. All buildings will strictly implement a single entrance system with temperature checking and will required to wear mask upon entry. Those who will not wear masks are not allowed to enter the building. If a person has hyperthermia or fever after checking body temperature, report or notify the School Health Center immediately. The daily temperature check will be reported to the school.
  3. The Security and School Safety Center will conduct laboratory inspections and check and campus patrols.
  4.  Library: starting July 27, during the summer vacation, will be open for use by faculty and students, from Monday to Thursday from 8:10 AM to 4:30 in the afternoon and is fully closed from Friday to Sunday. Visitors are not allowed to enter the library.
  5. Sports venues: it will now be opened to faculty, staff and students for a limited time, but not open to outsiders. Sports team training must be conducted in accordance with the relevant regulations. For the use of sports facilities, please refer to the Physical Education Website section of NTOU for the details.

Faculty and Staff Work Arrangement

  1. The university will resume a normal work starting July 27. Flexible working hours are from 7:50 – 8:50 and flexible off-duty hours are from 16:50 – 17:50.
  2. The faculty and staff’s epidemic prevention, family care leave, and personal leaves should be facilitated based on the regulations. 
  3. Online documents are encouraged to avoid contact with other individuals. If paper document is a must, individuals can leave immediately as soon as official documents were delivered or handed to a certain office.


  1. First semester for 2021 academic year starts on September 23, 2021; subsequent adjustments will be made on the school calendar. The re-organization has been completed by the Registration Section of the Office of the Academic Affairs and the department is now in accordance with the administrative procedures to sign and report to the department. The Ministry of Education will announce after the approval of the review.
  2. Online or distance teaching/learning continues until August 31, 2021.
  3. The second phase of the summer courses from August 1 to 31 will be opened (excluding special courses) using online teaching method.
  4. Freshman English TOEIC, Basic Calculus, advance planning college courses for high school, and other related activities are canceled.
  5. Laboratory personnel should strictly require everyone to wear a mask the entire time the students are inside the facility. Social distancing must be maintained during the conduct of experiments and when eating. The laboratories must be disinfected after being used and before the next batch of students can enter. The Occupational Safety and Health Center(OSHC) will conduct a random inspections of laboratory facilities from time to time; violations will be sent to the Office of the Secretary for its corresponding administrative sanctions.
  6. The processing of documents for graduates such as requests for credentials, diploma and graduation certificates is also online. Graduation certificates will be mailed to the students. The status can be checked in the Academic Affairs Office homepage.
  7. For the implementation of the online teaching, all faculty members are required to use the TronClass system to facilitate audits.


  1. The following are the changes made for the oral examinations for postgraduate dissertation:
    1. Oral examinations for postgraduate dissertation: masters and doctorate students’ oral examination will be held online or by video, proceedings should recorded and sent to the department for checking and validation.
    2. The deadline for the application for the oral examination is on July 31, 2021. Post graduates needs to complete the oral examination before August 24, 2021. It is required to complete the paper submission and leave the school before August 31, 2021. If there is a special reason, it will be signed separately.
    3. The University sponsored by this school refers to the Keelung examination area and the examination is postponed to July 28 to 30 if this year. This postponement is in accordance to the regulations of the university entrance examination center in conducting exams and preventive measures.


  1. Wearing masks is strictly required in the dormitory.
  2. A person listed to do a home quarantine will be notified by the Keelung City Health Bureau and will be sent to a quarantine hotel.
  3. If a student is listed in the Keelung City Health Bureau and in the University’s Health Center as a residential student with independent health management, he/she must stay in the dormitory and is not allowed to go out. The university will provide the sanitary wares and equipment, perform daily cleaning and disinfections, and will be handled following the anti-epidemic rules set by the Taiwan government.
  4.  The application for summer accommodation for students is open but with restrictions. Please refer to the announcements from the website of the university specifically under the Division of Dormitory Guidance. 
  5. After 12 noon of the 15th of July, all cancelations and relocations for 2nd semester of the 2020 school year is suspended and the dormitories will be fully disinfected together with subsequent constructions related to operations. Students cannot leave belongings in the dormitory after checking out. Based on the student contract, the dormitory is not responsible for any storage, compensation and subsequent investigation. Subsequent check-out and relocation time will depend on the epidemic situation separate announcement.
  6. The Office of International Affairs and tutors of various colleges and departments must provide extra care and to keep in touch with overseas students and extend help to solve their problems. In case there are problems with the accommodation for international students, the Office of International Affairs will make appropriate arrangements and deal with it in accordance to the regulations of the university.
  7. For food delivery in the 1st floor of the dormitory, the delivery staff must log using the QR code at the dormitory counter.

Relief plan

            The university will handle the Ministry of Education’s relief plan, including emergency relief grants and off-campus accommodation rent relief subsidies. Please refer to the Epidemic Prevention Zone of the Office of the Academic Affairs Website.


  1. All restaurants within the vicinity of university must follow the real-name system and only take-out when buying food; dine-in is strictly prohibited.
  2. The university’s Second Restaurant, Family Mart (Ocean Store), and Haiyin Restaurant  are open. The Third Restaurant (College of Engineering) will temporarily provide lunch boxes from the buffet of the second restaurant due to the owner’s application for contract termination. Students should make reservations first by phone in advance. For details, refer to the university’s website for the Food and Beverage Information.

Health Management

    1. The faculty members and employees must continue to manage their health. Everyone should be wearing masks, do frequent hand washing, paying attention to the area ventilation, and avoiding crowded places. Individuals with fever and respiratory symptoms must wear a mask and are encouraged to seek medical treatment and stay home to rest.
    2. Persons who met the qualification for the vaccination category should be administered with the vaccine the soonest possible. They must register to the COVID-19 Public Vaccination Appointment Platform by themselves.
    3. Individuals under quarantine and self-management are prohibited from entering the campus and laboratories. Please ask the security center to assist in inspections and spot checks.
    4. Care and division of responsibilities are with following designations: the faculty and staff (The Occupational Safety and Health Center(OSHC) ), overseas Chinese (military training room), international students (Office of the International Affairs), confirmed cases (Health Center); all departments are encouraged to please continue to care for students.
    5. As announced by the National Health Command Center – Taiwan Center for Disease Control, the public activity history and the time listed in the announcement where a confirmed individual is positive with COVID-19 are considered. Someone present in the same relevant place (based on entry and exit time) must cooperate and undergo health management or supervision. For 14 days, a person under self-health management must report his/her current health status to the NTOU Health Center online.
    6. The University strictly implements the pandemic prevention measures, and those with symptoms must immediately notify the NTOU Health Center (extension number 1070-1073).  Inform authorities by calling 1922 Hotline.
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