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【URGENT】NTOU COVID-19 Preventive Measures - March 20, 2023 Updates

According to the latest epidemic prevention measures of the Central Epidemic Command Center and the Ministry of Education (MOE) on March 16, this measure was revised under the supervision of President Tai-Wen Hsu. The latest adjustments will be updated on the NTOU’s website. All faculty members, staff, and students should follow the preventive measures to ensure everyone’s safety!


1. All classes, including PE classes, are switched back to face-to-face classes.

(1) Teachers and students are allowed to wear masks at their own discretion in classrooms starting from March 6. A person with COVID symptoms needs to wear a mask at all times.

(2) For specific fields or some experimental classes, masks must be worn according to their own regulations. For other classes, after the teacher communicates with the students, teachers and students can decide to wear masks at their own discretion from March 6.

(3) All the classrooms should have good ventilation, and the equipment should get sanitized regularly.

(4) Each teaching unit should make sure the equipment and learning plan for online classes are well-prepared.

2. Each teaching unit should provide online teaching and exam for new-coming students who are currently not in Taiwan or are under self-health management and record students' attendance (e.g., video files or other evidence for attendance).

3. During the period of health management, students who cannot attend school must complete online assessments or reports given by teachers.

Building and Outdoor Space

1. Outdoor spaces: Masks are not required.

2. Indoor spaces: Teachers and students are allowed to wear masks at their own discretion starting from March 6. Others must follow the regulations of CECC and still wear masks. A person with COVID symptoms needs to wear a mask at all times.

3. School venues will be open for borrowing from outside the school from March 6. Please abide by the pandemic prevention measures when borrowing.

4. When entering the restaurant, wash your hands frequently, avoid talking in the buffet line, and wear a mask if possible.

5. Library: Faculty, staff, and students can enter and exit from the main entrance on the first floor of the library or the side entrance of the corridor on the second floor. Please refer to the library’s website for the opening hours.

6. Please refer to the website https://peadmin.ntou.edu.tw/?Lang=zh-tw for the opening hour of gymnasium.

7. The Occupational Safety and Health Center will strengthen its laboratory inspections, and the police force will strengthen its campus patrols.


1. In the dormitory, you should wear a mask if you are sick.

2. Basically, the dormitory students who are positive in the quick test are advised to return home for self-health management. Those who are unable to go home should self-health management at the place arranged by the school.

3. The dormitory public area will be cleaned and disinfected regularly; supplies for disinfection will be provided to the residents in need.

Health Management

1. Regulation of entering the campus: (According to the latest Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) preventive measures for COVID-19)

(1) Those who entered the country or have close contacts with a confirmed case are not required to follow 0+7 self-quarantine measure.

(2) Confirmed cases: (0+n days of home quarantine)

A. Those who are positive in the quick test: 0+n days of self-health management (n=0~10 days)

B. It is recommended to stay at home and rest when having symptoms, avoid unnecessary outings. After becoming asymptomatic or with eased symptoms (fever-free for at least one day), you may go out and follow self-health management until the quick test shows negative results, or until 10 days have passed since the onset of symptoms or positive test results.

C. The day tested positive is considered day 0. It is recommended to take a sick leave for self-health management at home from day 0 to day 5.

D. Please pay attention to the following symptoms: Such as wheezing or difficulty breathing, persistent chest pain or tightness, unconscious, bluish skin or lips, inability to eat, drink or take medicine, no urine for 24 hours or significantly less urine output, systolic blood pressure less than 90mmHg, or heart rate over 100 beats per minute without a fever, please seek medical treatment immediately.

2. Health Inform: If students or teachers on campus are diagnosed or tested positive, please fill in the "Confirmed/Quick test positive Notification" in the school's epidemic prevention area as soon as possible. Teachers and students should contact the teaching assistants of their respective departments. Staff should contact the Occupational Safety and Health Center. The departments and the Occupation Safety and Health Center will report to the Health Protection Team of the Academic Affairs Office as soon as possible so the person concerned can assist in caring or carrying out the related work.

(1) Health Care group (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM): 02-24622192 ext. 1070-1073.

(2) Non-working hours:

A. School Safety Center: 02-24629976 #14031404

B. Health Protection Team Line ID: @084ddfua

3. Students and staff must continue to maintain good personal hygiene habits, wear masks on their own, do frequent hand washing, and do not go to work or enter the campus when they are sick. Individuals with fever and respiratory symptoms must wear a mask and are encouraged to seek medical treatment and stay home to rest.

4. Persons who meet the qualification for the vaccination category should receive the vaccine as soon as possible.

5. The following are the designations for the care and division of responsibilities: faculty and staff (Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC), overseas students (OSHS), international students (Office of the International Affairs), confirmed cases (Health Center); all departments are encouraged to continue to care for students.

Student Official Leave for Covid-19

1. Due to the following circumstances, students who are unable to attend the class should submit relevant supporting documents to the " Academic Information System " to ask for leave and contact the teacher and the department. After the leave is approved, please report the result to the teacher.

(1) Confirmed case.

(2) Mild cases which are under quarantine or tested positive.

(3) Close COVID contacts who are under quarantine or border quarantine.

(4) COVID contacts in the same working and studying environment.

(5) Adverse reactions to vaccination: vaccinated students must submit a copy of the “COVID-19 Vaccination Card” for processing. The number of days for the leave is up to 3 consecutive days (including holidays) from the day of vaccination.

(6) Family care leave (to assist in epidemic prevention): can avail of the leave if the student will accompany a family or relative (at most second-degree blood relatives), or spouse, for a maximum of 3 days. Students must attach the photocopy of the "COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card" and any proof of affinity.

(7) For special reasons, it should be approved by the relevant organizers.

2. Those who test positive for COVID-19 with mild symptoms or are asymptomatic will be changed to self-health management and exempted from quarantine 0+n. It is recommended that students who do not attend school temporarily within 0 to 5 days. It will be counted as an absence and will not affect the grades. Those students who may end their self-health management earlier if they test negative.

3. Faculty member who test positive for COVID-19 with severe symptoms, you may apply for an official leave based on the dates quarantine and treatment notification. It will not be counted as an absence and will not affect the grades.

4. Due to epidemic prevention reasons, special leave for epidemic prevention will not be counted as an absence. Please refer to the Office of Student Affairs website: https://stu.ntou.edu.tw/p/412-1023-7511.php?Lang=zh-tw..

(1) For self-health management sick leave (0+n), if a person is still tested positive and has symptoms from the 6th to the 10th day and obtains a medical certificate by seeking medical treatment, it will not be counted as an absence and will not affect their grades.

(2) Taking care of parents or children who are under self-health management (within 5 days from the day after 0+n).

5. Cancellation of home care quarantine leave for positive cases with mild symptoms or asymptomatic cases (5+n), and cancellation of self-quarantine leave for close contacts and those who entered the country (0+7).

COVID-19 Diagnosis claim for Student Group Insurance

1. Students who are covered by students group insurance can file claim application if they are confirmed cases of severe hospitalization and quarantine treatment. For the required documents, content, and notices for claim, please refer to the following websites:

(1) School's epidemic prevention website: https://2019-ncov.ntou.edu.tw/.

(2) Office of Student Affairs website: https://stu.ntou.edu.tw/p/412-1023-7511.php?Lang=zh-tw.

Faculty and Staff Work Arrangement

1. Faculty and staff who have fever or other flu-like symptoms, abnormal sense of smell, or unexplained diarrhea, please follow the principle of "do not go to work or enter the campus when you are sick” and suggest that seek medical treatment immediately or rest at home.

2. The period of self-epidemic prevention for faculty members who entered the country or have close contacts has been cancelled since March 20.

3. Regarding leave arrangements for Faculty members who test positive for COVID-19:

(1) Faculty member who test positive for COVID-19 with mild symptoms or are asymptomatic can apply for work from home or online teaching without taking leave. If they are unable to work from home or teach online, they can apply for sick leave with a positive rapid test report (such as a photo). Sick leave taken within 0 to 5 days will not be included in the calculation of the number of sick days in the school year or in the consideration of grade assessment. After the 6th day, those who still test positive in the quick test and have symptoms, can seek medical treatment and obtain a doctor's certificate, which will be processed in the same way as the above-mentioned sick leave on the 0th day and within 5 days from the next day.

(2) Faculty member who test positive for COVID-19 with severe symptoms will be granted official leave and the number of days will be determined based on the dates quarantine and treatment notification. These days and will not affect the grades.

4. Faculty members who need to take care of children under 12 or disabled children (studying in junior and high schools or vocational schools) who has to self-health management due to COVID-19 requirement, are allowed to work from home or take epidemic prevention care leave. This period shall last until one day before the above-mentioned measures are lifted. The school's latest "epidemic prevention work management measures" in response to severe special infectious pneumonia can be downloaded from the latest news section of the website of the Personnel Office.

5. Those who WFH should still work online every day and fill in the work log for the accomplishments and send it to the unit supervisor for audit upon reporting to school.

6. In order to avoid contact opportunities, try to use online documents to sign off. If it is a paper document, you should leave as soon as possible after delivery and do not wait for the signature in the office.

New Ocean Researcher 2

     Due to the relatively small and enclosed space of ships, those who test positive in the quick test, under quarantine and self-management, are prohibited from boarding. If a confirmed case is found during the voyage, it will be handled according to the latest epidemic prevention regulations of the Port Bureau.

Other important things

1. Conferences and events can be held face-to-face or can also be online if needed. Pandemic preventive measures have to be implemented during face-to-face conferences and events.

2. Travel Abroad: Faculty, staff, and students traveling abroad shall follow the normal leave procedures on campus. When entering Taiwan, you don’t need to fill out the report in the school's epidemic prevention website since March 20.

Wish everyone good health and happiness. Let us all beat the COVID-19 together.

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