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【Announcement】Preventing Fraud


Scams are rampant in Taiwan, and the following images depict common fraudulent methods. Everyone should be cautious and vigilant. Foreign students often encounter credit card fraud, and if you experience such a situation, please remain calm and contact the OIA.

Remember the 3 steps to handle credit card fraud:

  1. Once you discover that your credit card or financial VISA card has been fraudulently used, immediately call your bank to report the incident and request to block the card. Inform them that your card has been stolen or used fraudulently. Classify the fraudulent transactions as "disputed charges."

  2. File a report with the local police station regarding the credit card fraud. Make sure to emphasize that you want to file a report, not just provide information. Request a copy of the police report, which usually comes in the form of a three-part form or receipt.

  3. Work with your bank to investigate the fraudulent charges. Ask the bank to investigate the fraudulent transactions and provide you with relevant card transaction details such as the location of the transactions, receipts (for in-person transactions), or website details (for online transactions). Provide this information to the police for further investigation.

How to prevent credit card fraud:

  1. Safely store your credit card, including the card itself and the 3-digit verification code on the back.

  2. Always sign the back of your card, using a signature that is difficult for others to imitate.

  3. Set up "OTP verification" with your bank. For online transactions, you will receive a dynamic password via SMS on your registered mobile phone, and you will need to enter this password to complete the transaction.

  4. Avoid downloading mobile apps from unknown sources to prevent the installation of malicious software that may steal your credit card information or intercept dynamic password SMS.

  5. When making transactions at physical stores, try to keep your credit card within your sight and avoid letting it out of your sight.

  6. Avoid storing your credit card information on online shopping platforms or websites.

  7. Request your bank to send you SMS or email notifications for credit card transactions, so you can quickly detect any unauthorized transactions or fraudulent activities.

If you encounter any fraudulent situations, please try not to panic and contact the OIA as soon as possible. We are here to assist you and provide the necessary help.

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