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【公告】Admission and Scholarship Announcement for New International Students Spring Semester 2024

1. 本次入學榜單及獎學金是依據 2023年12月4日入學審查會議及 2023年12月13日獎學金審查會議決議,業經簽奉鈞長核准並公告辦理。

The admission and scholarships lists are based on the decisions made during the admission review meeting on December 4, 2023, and the scholarship review meeting on December 13, 2023. The decision have been duly approved and announced by the executive authority.

2. 榜單姓名如有誤植,以已發送之入學許可上資訊為準。

In the case of any discrepancies in the names on the list, the information noted on the official certificate which have already been sent shall prevail.


3. 錄取同學需要於規定期限內填寫「就讀意願調查問卷」(透過電子郵件另寄),如未於期限內回覆完畢,本校得取消其錄取資格。

Admitted students are required to complete the "Intent to Enroll Survey" within the specified timeframe (sent separately via email). Failure to respond within the stipulated period may result in the cancellation of their admission status.


4. 請注意,本獎學金與系所提供學生的補助及實驗室實驗經費等其他財務支持有別,如果同學想知道那些財務支持項目的具體細節,歡迎透過本校網頁連結到你的系所或找到指導教授的連絡資訊,已獲得資訊。

Please note that this scholarship is distinct from other financial support provided by departments, such as subsidies and laboratory experiment funds. If students wish to learn about the specific details of those financial support items, feel free to visit your department's webpage through the school website or contact your advising professor for more information: https://www.ntou.edu.tw/



Contact   Person: Sean Chang

Phone: (02)2462-2192# 1067

Email: jo11382001@email.ntou.edu.tw

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