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【News】NTOU and ULCO in France have signed a sister school agreement to promote intelligent and sustainable oceans

During the Taiwan-France Higher Education Summit in 2024, ULCO President Prof. Hassane Sadok visited NTOU on March 15 and signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to become sister schools. Both universities share research interests in artificial intelligence technology applications in the marine field, aquaculture, smart and green ports, and blue carbon. Today, the two sides further exchanged in-depth discussions on research topics such as smart aquaculture, green ports and transportation, and blue carbon, aiming to jointly promote intelligent and sustainable oceans in the future.

President Hsu Tai-Wen stated that ULCO's research areas in marine environment, coastal systems and biodiversity, fisheries, aquaculture, marine pollution, social or spatial uses of coastal territories, transformation of port cities and commercial activities, as well as related legal, economic, cultural, and spatial issues, are highly relevant to NTOU's research areas. It is believed that under the cooperation of both parties, the scientific research in the marine field and the development of advanced technologies can be jointly promoted. ULCO is a public comprehensive university in France with four main campuses, headquartered in Dunkirk, northern France, conducting extensive research in environmental protection, sustainable development, proteinaceous coast, and coastal environment. It also engages in research activities related to humanities and social sciences, technology, and health.

The visiting delegation, led by ULCO President Prof. Hassane Sadok, included three Vice Presidents Prof. Sabine Duhame, Prof. Edmond ABI-AAD, and Prof. Rachid Amara, visited NTOU. Prof. Mohammed Benlahsen, President of the University of Picardie Jules Verne in France, also witnessed the signing of the contract and exchanges. This visit not only promoted academic exchanges but also consolidated the partnership among NTOU, ULCO, and the University of Picardie Jules Verne, aiming to further create an environment for young top international experts to engage in dialogue and learning. Through bilateral cooperation and exchanges between Taiwan and France, both sides are committed to promoting intelligent and sustainable oceans together.




Source: NTOU Center of Media, Public Relations and Publishing

Information Source: Office of the Internationa Affairs

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