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     The National Taiwan Ocean University and the Office of International Affairs (OIA) are pleased to welcome new students. A handbook for international students  contains all the important information to help students get ready in coming to NOTU. The electronic copy can be downloaded from the OIA website .

     The priority of NTOU for new students is their safety and health. To ensure their protection, especially due to the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, students should follow some special protocols. OIA will provide assistance in guiding new students to the new protocol.   

     Students must complete the online survey  before 11 February 2022. The information you will provide will help the University of the students' date and time of arrival to Taiwan to help arrange their quarantine and transportation.

Things to know before arrival

  1. Due to COVID 19, some countries do not have flight services. If you received the admission letter but were unable to come to Taiwan, please inform us. We will keep your admission (6 months or 1 year) so that you can continue your education later. Please inform us before 27 January 2022 .
  2. We highly recommend that the arrival of all international students to Taiwan be 21 days before the start of the semester (2-18 of March 2022 ). It is better to settle down before 25 March 2022 .
  3. Please apply for resident visa (not travel visa).

Things you need to know when you arrive

  1. After arriving in Taiwan, you must undergo a 14-day mandatory quarantine and another 7-day self-health management. (Don't worry, we will help you.)
  2. Do not break the quarantine rules; otherwise your scholarship will be revoked (details of the quarantine rules will be provided before you arrive).
  3. T here are online classes that you can attend during the quarantine period, and we will offer a tuition discount for this coming semester .
  4. You have to pay for your daily needs (food, pillows, mattresses, tissues, detergent, tooth paste, shampoos, and soaps). Bring some extra money with you. Basic meal in K eelung costs around 70 NTD (2.36USD), depending on your choice.
  5. If you are sick and have symptoms such as fever (> 37.5 °C), dry cough, sore throat, and diarrhea during quarantine , please stay at your quarantine facility and contact the medical assistance from NTOU health center  (02-24622192 ext1070-1073 ).

Contact Ms. Joyce Wu , Assistant in the Division of International Student Affairs of NTOU for your inquiries and clarifications.