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Key Lab. Research Scholarships

College Department/Institute Lab Name Lab Professors

College of Life Science
Department of Aquaculture Molecular Virology and Immunology Lab Dr. Ming-Wei Lu
Aquaculture & Physiology Lab Dr. Fan-Hua Nan
Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology Marine Biotechnology Lab Dr. Han-Jia Lin
Antivirals Lab Dr. Shih-Chao LinDr. Shiow-Yi Chen
Institute of Marine Biology Fish systematics and molecular evolution Lab Dr. I-Shiung Chen
Zooplankton Behavior Lab Dr. Jiang-Shiou Hwang
Systematics and Evolution of Seaweeds Lab Dr. Showe-Mei Lin

College of Ocean Science and Resource
Department of Environmental Biology and Fisheries Science Remote sensing and ecological sustainable development Lab Dr. Ming An Lee
Fishery Oceanography and Fishing Ground Information Lab Dr. Hsueh-Jung Lu
Fishery Environmental Dynamics and Fishing Gear Research Lab Dr. Kuo-Wei Lan
Institute of Marine Environment and Ecology Microbial Ecology Lab Dr. Kuo-Ping Chiang
Marine Environmental Ecology and Pollution Lab Dr. Gwo-Ching Gong; Dr. Tzong-Yueh Chen; Dr. Ruei-Feng Shiu
Greenhouse gases and carbonate chemistry Lab Dr. Wen-Chen Chou; Dr. Hsiao-Chun Tseng
Plankton ecology in the marine environment Lab Dr. Kuo-Ping Chiang; Dr. An Yi Tsai; Dr. Chin-Ching Chung;
Dr. Sheng-Fang Tsai; Dr. Lee-Kuo Kang

College of Engineering
Department of Harbor and River Engineering Watershed Hydrology and Hydraulic Lab Dr. Kwan Tun LEE
Geoengineering & Scientific Computation Lab Dr. Cheng-Yu Ku
Numerical Analysis and Computational Hydraulics Lab Dr. Chia-Ming Fan

College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Department of Comouter Science and Engineering  Advanced Information Technology Lab Dr. Yu-Sheng Su
Advanced Computation Lab Dr. William W. Y. Hsu
Department of CommunicationsNavigation and Control Engineering Electronic Chart Research Center and Mobile Information Lab Dr.Shwu-Jing Chang