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Off-Campus Dormitory for International Students

For those unqualified or whom don’t want to stay in the dorm, we provide useful information on house renting, and symposiums to inform students of special notes about leasing, rental contract book and so on. Please check with the Division of Dormitory Guidance (no.44 on the map, 3F) for further help or visit their website at http://www.stu.ntou.edu.tw/sd/

Currently, the international students are arranged in two different dormitories. The off campus male dormitory for the international students is located at Xiangfeng Street. Presently there are 63 beds.  

Address:  No.277, No.279, Xiangfeng St., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City 202, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Additional information:

1.Qualification: NTOU International Student Dormitory is open for non-domestic students (Foreign, overseas Chinese, and Chinese students) who are enrolled at NTOU for undergraduate, master, or Ph. D program.

2. Application Procedure:  When applying to NTOU for any degree program, you should also apply for the dormitory on the Internet in advance. If the student wants to continue residency at the International Student Dormitory for the following school year, he/she needs to apply every year in May. If he/she  moves out of the dorm, he/ she needs to finish the procedure of moving out before July 31st. The fee of resident will be according to NTOU International Student Dormitory Management Policies.

3. Fee:  Types  of accommodation

a. Twin Beds Room            NTD.  9,000  -room shared between two students.      

b. Triple Beds Room           NTD.  9,000     -room shared among three students.  
●Fees will be according to NTOU International Student Dormitory Management Policies.  

●Normally, dormitory fee will be paid  in each semester in advance.  Other cases should be followed the dormitory regulations (you  can find in the appendices), and for further assistance you can consult to the Division of Dormitory Guidance.

●Period of living in dormitory is generally for one year,  winter/summer vacation included. (From Feb 1st to July 31st and Aug 1st to Jan 31st every year).                                  

●Remember to keep all the receipts of  your deposits for refund.

●And there will be no refund for the money remaining in the electricity card.

4. During check-in: Once you arrived at school, you must go to the office of international affairs to complete the check–in procedure. Log in the online Academic systems (http://ais.ntou.edu.tw/) to finish the application for the dormitory, and pay the dorm fees. After you finish all the necessary  procedure, you’re ready to move in. (For further instructions about How to log in the Online Academic Systems go to page 45)

5.  During check-out:  Call the director of the male dormitory. Fill in the form, and  the director will inspects your room to check the damage of any article and cleanliness in side the room. Once the procedure is done, and everything seems fine, the director will return your deposit money.  

6. Package delivering : Currently there are no mail package delivery services outside the campus.  You are suggested to request your mail package to school.  

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