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      NTOU Student Life in Taiwan

Studying at NTOU is not just about academics, but it is also fun and exciting. It is a place where you meet people that you can share your passion and interests with. Considering its location near the Pacific Ocean, students can enjoy the serenity and calmness of the ocean and the friendliness and generosity of the NTOU community as a whole. NTOU is located in Keelung, north of Taiwan, and is famous for its Port of Keelung, and its port location is accessible in its downtown area. Aside from that, you can also enjoy the Taiwanese culture accompanied by its belief, traditions, with many scenic places to enjoy as you experience the coldness of its winter and its abundant and variety of food sources. Aside from NTOU’s outstanding education system and cross-cultural programs, as an international student, you will also have the opportunity to learn its Mandarin Chinese language. NTOU is not only about academics, but it is also committed to the total development of its students. Hear about what the students have to say from their experiences as students of NTOU and their life in Taiwan. Here are the videos of our students' adventure while studying.

      Student Testimonials


  • Karen Patricia Garcia Angolu is from the Department of Harbor and Engineering.
  • She graduated last June 2020.
  • She is from Requena, Loreto in Peru, a small city surrounded by nature, next to the river. Since her childhood, she is very interested in the environment most especially rivers due to the influence of his grandfather. 
  • Her research work is on the planform change of the amazon river near Iquitos.