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Pre-arrival Checklist

Things to Do

● Obtain proper documents for departure and arrival

● Book your flight

● Check customs regulations on what you are allowed to take out and bring in

● Pack your bags


Tips for Packing Your Bags

Taiwan is hot most of the time, but its winter can be very chilly. You might not need a thick coat, but bring some sweaters and a jacket.

Closet space is a big issue in dormitories. Do not over-pack. You can purchase all of your daily needs in town, unless you have a special preference for your home product.

If you bring your own electrical appliances, make sure you have a converter if your home country does not use 110 volts electricity.


Must haves

Here is a list of items most international students at NTOU recommend you bring from home:

● Passport and other documents for status verification

● Original academic documents: Transcripts, degrees/diplomas/certificates

● A good dictionary example a Chinese–English, if English is your official language. Purchase a reliable dictionary that explains Chinese in your local language.

● Photocopies of passport, other documents for status verification, and academic documents: Ensure that you have photocopies of the main pages of your passport (expiry date/passport number/date of birth), your authenticated graduation transcripts, degrees/diplomas/certificates etc. Keep a set of photocopies in each piece of luggage, in case one of your bags are misplaced or lost in transit. You also need to carry at least 10 photographs of yourself (2x2 inch color photos with white background)

● Important numbers: Write your passport number, travelers’ checks numbers, bank draft number, flight number, your contact number and an emergency contact number on a single sheet of paper. Keep it in your handbag, so you don’t have to take out your important documents every time when you need to fill out a form. Leave a list of all these important numbers at home as well.


Preparations for Keelung

a. Booking Your Flight

As soon as you receive your NTOU acceptance letter, you should apply to the R.O.C. Representative Office (Embassy) in your country for a residence visa. As soon as your visa has been granted, book your flight to Taipei.

b. Finances

Your first month allowance takes 3 weeks to process upon arrival. You are advised to secure US$2000 to cover living expenses for the first month in Taiwan.

Cash (US dollars) and travels checks are accepted. As a precaution when collecting US dollars, make sure that the dollar notes are 2014 or more recent. Money changers can reject old US dollar notes due to uncertainty of authenticity.

Upon arrival, you may exchange cash or travelers checks to NT Dollars at the CKS International Airport. 

Exchange rates are not stable and can fluctuate at times. On a yearly average $1 US = $30 NT (Taiwan Dollars).

c. Customs Regulations

Taiwan is an island with valuable agriculture industry. No plants and fruits are allowed into the country. During your flight, you will be given a customs declaration form. Please visit the Directorate General of Customs’ website for more detailed information.

d. Packing Your Bags

Keelung is located on the coast, and its weather is very unpredictable. You don’t need a heavy coat for the winter, but bring clothes that you can wear in layers, for the temperature can change drastically during the course of a day. Almost all students dress informally and in comfortable clothes such as jeans, shorts, t-shirts, etc. It is useful that if you bring some formal and traditional suits for formal occasions.

e. Electrical Items and Other Household Equipment

Most off-campus student accommodation is furnished but most likely does not include any household goods. Simple household items can be bought at very low cost at many stores around campus or at the city center, but some students may wish to bring some of their own basic items.

Voltage used in Taiwan is 110 volts with a frequency of 60 cycles, AC. The sockets for plugs are two pinned.


Preparation for Session Start

Your first few weeks at NTOU are going to be busy ones! Use this checklist to get settled in and to prepare for classes.

  Checklist Items
1 Report Office of International Affairs to complete the initiated procedure and get required documents.
2 Immigration/Visa application
3 Register your courses, and pay your fees
4 Open a bank account
5 Arrange your health insurance
6 Get your mobile phone/ Internet connected. You can buy a telephone sim card at the airport.
7 Explore Keelung City
8 10 photos (2x2 inches with background)
9 Cash/Traveler’s checks (Amount Approximately US$ 2000)
10 Authenticated graduation certificate and translated official transcripts in English


Airport Pick-Up Service

Airport Pick Up Service & Request Information

Office of International Affairs provides a complimentary Airport Pick-up Service for all newly enrolled NTOU international students arriving in Taiwan or the first time. Before your departure, please make sure you filled out the form of Airport Pick-up Service Request Form and confirmed with staff.

Please complete this form and e-mail to Division of International Affairs by August 1st 2020. The confirmation letter will be send to your e-mail address. If you want to begin your new session well prepared, we recommend all international students to arrive in Taiwan one week before the registration (August 14th –August 16th). 

On your arrival date, we will arrange precise time to pick you up from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and take you to your NTOU student dormitory safe and sound. 


Free Chinese course for new students

School has arranged free Chinese classes for you to get acquainted in Taiwan, among Chinese speaking people. If you are late, you will miss these special Chinese classes. These free Chinese classes will start from Monday August 24th to Friday September 4th  2020. Your early arrival is important for your accommodation and better beginning in the new semester.


Contact Us:

Office of International Affairs

2, Pei-ning Road, Keelung, Taiwan 20224, R.O.C

Located in the Ground/1st floor of the Gymnasium

Website: http://oia.ntou.edu.tw/main.php

Tel:+886-2-2462-2192 ext. 1220-1229


E-mail: oia@mail.ntou.edu.tw

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