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【Screening】2024 Student Exchange Program (Except for Partner Universities in Mainland China)

A. Overviews:This guideline is for applicants who would like to apply for the exchange programs to our partner universities (except for our partner universties in Mainland China).

B.Application Deadline:from now to 12:00 (noon) June 2nd, 2023

C.Application Submit:Hard Copies and Scanned Copies.  Please follow the instructions to submit.

D.Application Downloads:NTOU>OIA>Downloads (https://oia.ntou.edu.tw/p/412-1022-6906.php?Lang=zh-tw)

E.Other information please refer to "2024 Student Exchange Program (Except for Mainland China) Internal Screening Guideline" (attached).

F.Contact Information:Ms. Marbert Hsu(ext.1223,marberthsu@email.ntou.edu.tw)

*If you have any question or concern about the exchange program, please email us or call us during the office hour.  If you want to have a disscussion in person, please make an appointment first.

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