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Programs Student Exchange Program
(obtained courses and credits)
Research and Internship Program
(no courses and credits)
Academic Calendar Fall Semester : September to January
Spring Semester : February to June

*The Academic Year is from fall to spring (from September to June.)
*It will be suggested to start in fall if you would like to have one-year study at NTOU.
Number of Exchange Students can be Accepted

1.Fee-waivered Students : Please refer to the MOU.
2.Fee-paying (Over-Quota) Students : There is no limitation.

There is no limitation.
Period of Acceptance 1 or 2 semesters It depends on students and professors' discussion.
Degree Level Available for International Students 1.We accept students at undergraduate and graduate level.
2.Please note that there might be less courses for graduate students.  Graduate students can have a research plan with our professors based on our professors' approval.
We accept students at undergraduate and graduate level.
Eligibility 1.Students must be enrolled at one of our partner universities when they apply for and study at NTOU.
2.We don't set any language requirements, but we recommend students to have good knowledge of English or Chinese to take courses.
1.Students must be enrolled at one of universities when they apply for and study at NTOU.
2.We recommend students to have good knowledge of English or Chinese to do the research or internship with professors.
3.Students have to obtain one of our professors' approval.

*You can find the contact information from the departments website.
Language of Instruction Chinese or English It depends on professors and students' discussion.  Most of the instruction are in Chinese or English.  Butm some of our professors are good at Japanese or other language, so they can communicate with the students in different ways. 
Description We provide 3 kinds of courses.
1.Academic Courses (taught in Chinese or English)
2.Chinese Learning Courses

*The basic courses are free.  If you want to take the intensive courses you can contact the Mandarin Learning and Education Center to take fee-paying courses.
3.Ocean Culture Courses (General Education)
1.This program is for students who would like to have a research with our professors.  Students are not be able to take courses or obtain credits from NTOU.
2.If you are interested in learning Chinese, you can take the intensive courses (fee-paying) at our Mandarin Learning and Education Center.
Application Package 1.Application Form
2.Letter of Intent for Short-Term Study
3.Health Certificate
4.Application for Dormitory
5.Recommendation Form
6.Copy of Passport
7.Academic Transcript

1.CV(including your education background, contact information and etc.)
2.Research Plan(including the title and the content in one A4 page)
3.Health Certificate
4.Application for Dormitory(if you need)
5.Copy of Passport
6.Certificate of Enrollment or Copy of Student ID Card
7.A Formal Letter (issued by the home university to show the internship is one of the requirements of courses or graduation.)

Application Procedures

STEP 1: Being nominated by the home university
STEP 2: Filling in the Application
STEP 3: Submitting the Application Package to NTOU through the Authorized Office (e.g. Office of International Affairs) in the home university.
*We only need the scanned documents.
STEP 4: Receiving the Letter of Acceptance issued by Office of International Affairs, NTOU. 

STEP 1: Obtaining the Approval from one of our professors.
*Please show us the approval email when submitting the application.
STEP 2: Submitting the Application Package to NTOU

*We only need the scanned documents.
*If it takes time to wait for the health certificate, please email us the other documents first.

STEP 3: Waiting for the Result of Screening from NTOU.
STEP 4: After being admitted by NTOU, we'll send out the application package to the Ministry of Education, Taiwan.
STEP 5: After being admitted by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan, we'll send you the Letter of Acceptance and the Approval Letter from the Ministry of Education, Taiwan. 

*We won't send you any formal letter before the MOE's approval.
Application Deadline Fall Semester: June 15
Spring Semester: November 15

*If there is any delay you might have, please contact us as soon as possible.
Please submit the application package at least 2 months before the date you plan to arrive in Taiwan.
Before your Arrival at NTOU
Description 1.Before coming to Taiwan, students have to apply for the proper visa(student visa) with the letter of Acceptance and other documents as the Taiwan Diplomatic Mission asks.
2.Please contact the Taiwan Diplomatic Mission near you to have more details.  The requirements might be varied from each country or each applicant based on the embasssy or mission's concern.
3.Please note that if you fail to obtain proper visas issued by one of the Taiwan Diplomatic Mission, your exchange student identity will be cancelled.
Taiwan Diplomatic Mission

Ministry of Foreign Affairs > Embassies & Missions

Description Students can choose one of the following ways to meet the insurance requirements.
1.Purchasing the insurance in your home country valid for your entire stay in Taiwan and providing the proof of the insurance in English when registering in NTOU.
2.Purchasing the "Injury and Illness Insurance" at NTOU.
Students have to purchase the insurance in your home country valid for the entire stay in Taiwan.
Injury and Illness Insurance Fees NT$3,000/ per semester (6 months)
Flights and Pick-Up Service
Flights 1.Students have to send us the flight itinerary when it is available.
2.Considering the access from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport(TPE) or Taipei Songshan Airport(TSA) to our campus, it is preferable that the arrival time at TPE/TSA is till the early afternoon because it takes about 2 hours from TPE, 1 hour from TSA to our campus.
Pick-Up Service 1.We do not provide the free pick-up service, but we can arrange for one international student to greet you at the airport.  He or she can guide you to NTOU and help you settle down your life.
2.Please note that you have to pay for the transportation fee on your own.
After your Arrival at NTOU
Documents Please bring the following documents (original) to OIA.
1.Passport(including your visa)
2.Letter of Acceptance
3.Health Certificate
Description 1.Based on our agreement, we'll waiver exchange students' tuition.
2.If you're over-quota applicant or you're not from our partner universities, you have to pay for the tuition fees as required.
Fees NT$45,000 - NT$55,000 / per semester
*It varies from the departments.
Description 1.We'll book a room on behalf of you when receiving the dormitory application.
2.It is not guaranteed, but most of students can be accommodated at our dormitory.
3.Most of international students will be accommodated at Female Second Dormitory and Male Second Dormitory.
Introduction Website Chinese: http://www.stu.ntou.edu.tw/sd/Page_Show.asp?Page_ID=2243
English: http://www.stu.ntou.edu.tw/sd/Page_Show.asp?Page_ID=24192
Deposit NT$1,000/per semester N/A
Fees NT$7,750-NT$9,000/per semester Partner Universities: NT$120/per day
Non-Partner Universities: NT$180/per day
Items and Fees 1.Tuition: NT$45,000 - NT$55,000/semester
2.On-Campus Computer & Internet: NT$300/semester
3.Dormitory Deposit: NT$1,000/semester
4.Dormitory Fees: NT$7,750-NT$9,000/semester
5.Insurance Fees: NT$3,000/semester
Dormitory Fees
Partner Universities: NT$120/day
Non-Partner Universities: NT$180/day
How to pay for it? Students have to pay for all the fees in cash when they arrive at NTOU.
Contact Information
Name of Office Office of International Affairs
Name of Coordinator Marbert Hsu (Ms.)
Email marberthsu@email.ntou.edu.tw
Phone No. +886-2-24622192 ext.1223
FAX No. +886-2-24634786
Mailing Address No. 2, Pei-ning Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City, Taiwan 202301